GRAFVITNIR – Swedish Black Metal Entity Announces 8th Album ‘Tunes of Sitra Ahra’ & Reveals Opening Track “Demon Wolf”


Swedish black metallers Grafvitnir are back from the shadows with their eighth opus, titled Tunes of Sitra Ahra.
Venomous incantations accompanied by haunting riffs and eerie melodies with a touch of Nordic melancholy and coldness.
Eight tracks capturing the ferocious wrath of a people betrayed and the essence of the dark liberator of illumination.
Album is scheduled for its CD and digital releases on 29 April 2022 via Carnal Records. Vinyl release will follow later in 2022. PRE-ORDER Digipak CD/Digital on the label’s BANDCAMP.

Track Listing:
1. Demon Wolf 
2. Urkaos Avgrundsdjupa Källa 
3. Birth of Uncreation
4. Eitr of the Serpent 
5. Nattens Nyckel 
6. Funeral Chants 
7. Whisperer of Strange Tales 
8. Nattsidans Pilgrimsfärd

Album Credits:
These tunes of Sitra Ahra were recorded in the shadow of the Tree of Death, and composed under the influence of Urkaos.

Layout by Skymningshäxan and the Nordic Wraith Society.

Design by Niantiel. 

Music & lyrics by Niantiel & Modrius. 

Mixed & produced by Niantiel, Necrowolf & Devo. 

Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson, Endarker Studio Sweden.

For More Info:  

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