Avant-garde doom band ET MORIEMUR unleash 14-min epic closer via Moshpit Nation

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Not your conventional doom metal band, Et Moriemur keep metamorphosing on each album to do something completely unexpected and unique. They’re not reinterpreting Sabbath riffs, emulating the Peaceville trio, or trying to out-obfuscate the current death/doom bands. No, they’ve kept aside all such notions and standards and created music with their own singular vision, with emphasis on the flow and emotions. To that extent, they’ve done an outstanding job. The latest song to be unveiled from this album is the 14-min album closer which can be found AT THIS LINK. Here’s what Moshpit Nation had to say about it – 

“This album is so emotionally powerful. Some parts are joyous. Others are filled with anguish. The palette of feelings used to paint this musical landscape is rich and varied”


– “If there is ever truly a perfect album going to be released this year, it is Et Moriemur’s “Tamashii No Yama.”” – 
Metal Temple (Greece) 10/10

– “an absolute masterpiece” – Metal Only (Germany) 10/10

– “the most immaculate, competitive and detailed records of 2022” – 
Metal Purgatory (US) 9/10

– “Et Moriemur are ready to sit at the table of the greats in the field of funeral death doom” – Mournful Sounds (Italy)

– “delightfully original” – 
The Independent Voice (UK) 4.5/5

– “one of the year’s best performances” – 
Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “a prime example of what a concept album should sound like” – Stormbringer (Austria) 4/5

– “the band will mesmerize us” – Acta Infernalis (France) 90/100

– “weave exotic and enticing melodies” – 
No Clean Singing (US)

– “memorable and surprisingly profound” – Man of Much Metal (UK) 89%

– “rich and varied” – Moshpit Nation (US)

– “something different, original and with a lot of creativity” – Necromance (Spain) 8/10

– “satisfyingly surreal” – Grizzly Butts (US)

– “the perfect example of how experimentation in metal should go” – Metal Roos (Australia)

– “Translating as something like, “Mountain of Soul,” the new record explores Japanese place and legend as witnessed through outsiders’ eyes” – Doomed and Stoned (US)

– “consummately creative” – The Metal Observer (Canada)

– “convey meditative depth” – 
Toilet ov Hell (US)

– “Et Moriemur have gone above and beyond on this release and it’s a privilege to lose yourself in their amber waves of sound” – 
Two Guys Metal Reviews (US)

– “do an exceptional job” – 
Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

Et Moriemur (Czechia)- Tamashii No Yama (Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal)

Genre – Atmospheric Doom​/​Black Metal
Release Date – April 8th, 2021
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Evoken, Sigh, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost

Czech doom metal band Et Moriemur set new standards for themselves with their previous Greek-themed album ‘Epigrammata’ which borrowed elements of death and black metal and flawlessly integrated them in their unique brand of atmospheric doom metal. This time they’re exploring Japanese themes and have frankly outdone themselves. It’s rare to come across bands that are constantly reinventing themselves without losing their core sound and Et Moriemur are doing just that and taking the sound ahead in ways previously unimagined. An album to be heard from start to finish, it makes you experience various moods and sounds, having employed the services of several musicians in addition to their own, playing traditional instruments such as shakuhachi and others like cello, harp, violin and more. For the next quarter of an hour, you’re transported to a different land, imagining a different era, and you remain mesmerized by the seamlessly transitioning music with plenty of variations and fascinating new elements. The blend of genres is immaculate and none of it feels even remotely forced or out of place. Truly, Et Moriemur may have created a new sound which they’ve only perfected over here. They remain in a league of their own, in competition with only themselves.

Line up –
Et Moriemur line up:
Zdeněk Nevělík – Vocals, piano
Aleš Vilingr – Guitars
Honza Tlačil – Guitars
Karel “Kabrio” Kovářík – Bass
Michal “Datel” Rak – Drums

Guest musicians:
Tomáš Mařík – Drums on Otsuki
Honza Kapák – Acoustic guitar
Zuzana Králová – Violin and choirs
Andrea Michálková – Cello
Marek Matvija – Shakuhachi
Zdeněk Janeček – Viola
Markéta Budková – Harp

Artwork by Samantha Dibattista

Track list –
1. Haneda
2. Sagami
3. Oshima
4. Izu
5. Nagoya
6. Otsuki
7. Takamagahara

Et Moriemur Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Transcending Obscurity Instagram

Et Moriemur Facebook

Transcending Obscurity US Store

Transcending Obscurity Europe Store

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