Adelaide Metalcore Trio KZRN Release Blistering New EP ‘Lost Amongst The Living’

Adelaide metalcore outfit KZRN are charging into 2022 with the release of their blistering debut EP ‘Lost Amongst The Living’. Featuring heavy drop tuned guitars, rapid fire gutturals and bludgeoning breakdowns, ‘Lost Amongst The Living’ has reinvigorated early 2000’s metalcore with a modern flavour. The solidifying layers of syncopated rhythms and thunderous guitars complement each other as the distinct melodies resonate throughout the entirety of this metalcore masterpiece. 

KZRN have emerged as one of the most anticipated new voices to rise out of Adelaide after dropping the hard hitting 2-Track Compilation ‘Hear Me’ & ‘Scatterbrain’. Though the group has just broken into the heavy music scene, their music has been garnering coverage and airplay across the globe including features on Heavy Mag, Hysteria Mag, AMR Radio, AndrewHaug Radio, Radioactive Rockshow and countless more. 

“Lost Amongst The Living” is a conceptual story based around a vulnerable being, traumatized by grief who is trapped by a demon in a realm of its own creation.” says Caiden Crafts, the mastermind behind KZRN“The story ends with the being building the strength to overcome and trick the demon and successfully escaping the realm in which they’ve been imprisoned, and reentering the world once again renewed. It can be seen as a metaphor for depression and or the suffering of grief and the difficulties that can come with overcoming it, and not falling victim to it”. Once you leave the dark place, you’re never the same as when you went in”

“On their new EP Lost Amongst The Living, the group from Adelaide have demonstrated that they are on the cusp of something quite special” – Hysteria Mag

From the first track to the closer, ‘Lost Amongst The Living’ showcases a band that is confident in their sound and unafraid to explore unconventional avenues including collaborations with other creative forces to deliver an experience that will linger with listeners long after the songs have ended; which is exactly why they are primed to be one of the finest acts in the Australian metalcore breed. With a brand new release under their collective belt and a year jam-packed with shows with their fresh new lineup comprised of five unstoppable musicians, KZRN are undoubtedly going to jolt heads in their direction.

‘Lost Amongst The Living’ is out now via


1. Hear Me feat. Madz Winter
2. Enter the Realm
3. Scatterbrain feat. Sam Upton
4. Human feat. Henk Plaggemars
5. The New Way Out feat. Lachlan Odell


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Adelaide Metalcore Trio KZRN Release 2-Track Compilation ‘Hear Me’ & ‘Scatter Brain’


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