LAMENT CITYSCAPE reveal brilliantly disturbing new video for new single ‘The Under Dark’!

The Under Dark is the second single from LAMENT CITYSCAPE’S forthcoming Lifeforce debut A Darker Discharge, which is set to be released on April 29th.

The single release is accompanied with the release of a video, which can be easily described as brilliantly disturbing.

Neil Corbin (director and writer of the video) comments:“The Under Dark video came from a combination of the feeling the song was giving plus the lyrics within, particularly the line “A life of looking for an exit in the dark”. The concept came out of the idea of trauma and what we do with it, how we construct worlds, both real and imagined, in order to function through the everyday. By the end of the song, the project takes on the idea of failed catharsis and how outward rage offers temporary relief, but ultimately feels hollow.“

Neil Corbin (writer/director) has worked on a myriad of projects, including several videos for Lament Cityscape, and made a micro budget quasi-horror film The Burning World. Joey Lopez (Cinematographer) has worked on everything from commercials, music videos, documentaries and narratives. They met in a theater lighting class many moons ago and have been trying to work together since. 


The album lives up to its title. “A Darker Discharge” sounds disillusioned, disturbing and destructive. Somehow also post-apocalyptic. LAMENT CITYSCAPE find their musical basis in industrial metal, which is extended by sludge, post-punk and -metal as well as noise and gothic rock accents. All sounds that promise musical darkness and in terms of their effect oppression and bitterness.

LAMENT CITYSCAPE from Buffalo, Wyoming are solely aiming to put listeners in turmoil and to teach them fear. Accordingly, the new album of the band sounds bulky and threatening. “A Darker Discharge” may well be considered the soundtrack of a nightmare that revolves around repressed primal fears and inner demons. What comes is inevitable: “A Darker Discharge”.

With a little distance, one can definitely recognize decent moments of light. But any restrained optimism is soon eradicated by an all-filling blackness and rigorous uncompromisingness. LAMENT CITYSCAPE’s debut on LIFEFORCE RECORDS is a ruthlessly repulsive work in every respect. The maelstrom of industrial salvos and noisy expansion catches listeners off guard and demands a lot from them.


A Darker Discharge out April 29th, 2022 on Lifeforce Records.


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