Listen to CHIMERA’s latest album “Gloria Mortis”


The latest album of the group Chimera entitled “Gloria Mortis” was released on February 20.

The album “Gloria Mortis”, as the title suggests, is a musical story about death, as the beginning of our human history, not the end of the story. The album contains 16 tracks. The original visualization of the promotional track “Madness” is realized by the excellent graphic artist and drummer of the band Andrzej Ruszkowski. All the musicians of the band are creators of the 16 songs. It is worth adding that the album “Gloria Mortis” was still realized with the previous vocalist “Dante”, now he has been replaced in the band by Kris with whom the next album will be realized, on which work is slowly underway. Currently, Chimera is preparing for the premiere concerts of the album “Gloria Mortis”.

01. I
02. Dunkelheit
03. Necrosis of Soul
04. Madness
05. Nieistniejąc
06. II
07. Immortal Self
08. The Bable Tower
09. Asmodeus
10. Dziki Sęp
11. Among Wolves
12. III


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