SPECTRUM MORTIS announce ‘Bit Meseri – The Incantation’ debut full length album details


Founded in 2015, Spanish occult death metal demons SPECTRUM MORTIS have released two mini albums : “Blasphemare Nomen Eius” in 2016 and “‫קדוש‬” in 2018 and a split album with Mexico’s Hacavitz ent titled ‘Ad Noctem’.

SPECTRUM MORTIS have steadily been gathering a lot of interest from fans of obscure and original death metal which genre was popularised over the recent years by bands like Necros Christos and Dead Congregation among others.

The band elaborates about ‘Bit Meseri -The Incantation‘ :
“We wanted to recover the essence of both mini albums and translate them into an authentic black celebration to continue enhancing the obscure arts and dimensions that we have managed to create with these works. This congregation will continue to write cold riffs of death under the path of ancestral rites and traditions, always low extreme care and obscure dedication. »

SPECTRUM MORTIS transcends the listener with its inspired ceremonial occult death metal and ‘Bit Meseri – The Incantation’ deeply masters that genre with great atmosphere and conviction.

01 An 00:58
02 Utu-Abzu 06:07
03 U-Anne-Dugga 07:34
04 Bit Meseri 05:58
05 Uanna 06:03
06 An-Enlilda 05:18
07 El Sol de Eridu 05:46
08 Shamash 01:11

‘Blasphemare Nomen Eius’ mini album
‘קדוש’ mini album
‘Ad Noctem’ split Cd with Hacavitz


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