Thuringian folklorists MOSAIC release the new track „Teufelsberg“


The idea behind the song “TEUFELSBERG” (The Devil’s Mountain) came from a regional legend from the Thuringian Forest. There is the so-called “Übelberg” (Mountain of Evil). Before Christianization, this mountain was a pagan place of power where many rituals were held.

In the course of Christianization, such places were demonized in order to gradually replace the old customs with Christian ones. Thus, it was claimed that on this mountain on Walpurgis night the witches and devils dance and during the twelve nights Hulda rises from the so-called “Hörselberge” (Hear-The-Souls-Mountains) and leads the wild hunt. It is said that it is better for everyone to stay away from this place. The text is inspired by the ballad “The First Walpurgis Night” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from 1799.

The video was shot and directed by LES FLEURS DU MAL FOTOGRAFIE and shows an archaic ritual and consecration. For the video version, additional music for the intro and credit scenes was recorded by Valkenstijn in his House of Inkantation.


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