GONEMAGE To Release ‘Master of Disgust’ EP


GONEMAGE the solo project of Cara Neir’s Garry Brents (or Galimgim) will release his ne EP Master of Disgust on May 13, 2022. Having established a dynamic storyline that runs through GONEMAGE’s previous releases, the new EP Master of Disgust… temporarily diverges to deliver a mangled blackened death metal misadventure themed around the well-known Nintendo character Wario.

Listen to “WarioWare Possessed Console” here:

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These pixelated realms form the setting to present the first chiptune war metal piece of music accompanying GONEMAGE’s fictional game: WarioWare: Possessed Console. Crafted with NES/C64/SNES sounds entwined through the mix, GONEMAGE’s music delivers a sense of nostalgia from 1980s/’90s video games. This is the dark side of 8-bit; from the demonic and guttural “Master of Disgust” to the menacing and frenzied rage of “WarioWare- Possessed Console”, GONEMAGE delves into unexplored territory. High speeds, heavily overdriven guitars and groove rhythms collide head on with dissonant synth melodies, and Wario audio samples. Master of Disgust… draws to a close with the fully electronic “Foul Portal to Delirium”. The energetic, bouncy rhythms bring a stark contrast from the previous metal tracks. Contrapuntal melodies deliver a different sort of chaos, while showcasing the beloved vintage sounds. 
Gnarled and grotesque, GONEMAGE reveals what happens when chiptune goes rogue. Master of Disgust… is an experimental and dynamic release that ventures down unexpected paths into nightmarish domains. Epic and intense throughout, the EP will see you broadening your musical palette. 


Galimgim (or Garry Brents) – Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Synth, Vocals.

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