Australia’s REAPER stream DYING VICTIMS debut at “Zero Tolerance” magazine’s website


Today, Australian metalpunks Reaper stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Viridian Inferno, at Zero Tolerance magazine’s website. Set for international release on April 22nd via Dying Victims Productions, hear Reaper‘s Viridian Inferno in its entirety exclusively HERE

Hailing from the wildlands of Melbourne comes Reaper, four speed-freaks hellbent on exhuming the first-wave graves of the masters in primitive metal, punk, and thrash: Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Discharge, Venom, Warfare, and Sacrilege.

Since the release of their sold-out self-titled demo in 2017 and subsequent LP reissue in 2019, Reaper have kept up an almost-relentless show schedule, including many Australian, New Zealand, and festival appearances, as well as support slots for Aura Noir, Mortiis, Blasphemy, Dark Funeral, Vomitor, Immolation, and more, with an upcoming European attack currently in the works…

In the meantime, Reaper make their full-length debut with Viridian Inferno, under the auspices of Dying Victims. No change and no compromise, and definitely no quarter: Viridian Inferno contains ten savage tracks of their hyper-aggressive hybrid of ‘80s hellhammering speedmetalpunk. Possessed by their Reaper’s debut demo? Then Viridian Inferno is gonna absolutely crush you with its megaton-heavy grime. New to the ways of these post-apocalyptic road warriors? Hop aboard their wasteland rover, hold onto the gun-mount, and pray no massive spikes impale you aboard the ride…

Beware the nightmare’s sound! There’s no escape from the ReaperViridian Inferno is coming for outsider minds, headbangers, and metal maniacs of the apocalypse! The ultimate price you’ll pay, and your bones will pave the way…. 

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of Zero Tolerance, the UK’s premier extreme metal authority. Cover and and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Reaper (Australia)’s Viridian Inferno
1. Shadow Of The Crucifix
2. Satanic Panic
3. Taste The Blood
4. Drop Of The Blade
5. The Reaper
6. Nothing Left To Waste
7. Decay
8. Sentinels Of Heresy
9. Mass Grave
10. Internal Torment


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