Death Metal Act VORAATH (ft. Nile, Xael members) Presents Dark Sci-Fi Torment w/ Music Video “The Barrens”


Voraath, from North and South Carolina USA, features members from Nile (Brad Parris), Xael (Joshua Ward), Rapheumets Well, Implosive Disgorgence, and Sweet Blood. They are an otherworldly and experimental death metal band that brings together emotional yet brutal music and science fantasy appealing to both metal enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate the lore of the music. They have a second stand-alone single out entitled “The Barrens,” which follows their debut track “Siren Head” and today they present their brutal dark torment with their new music video for it, which can be seen and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Through their music, Voraath batters the listener both musically and lyrically, blast beats set the pace for epic lyrics presented in both guttural and clean fashion that focus on relatable situations. The band shares their process:

“After developing the theme of the music/album we use the music to highlight important emotions or events. Each song acts as a chapter in our musical story. The lyrics represent personal events and emotions and then we wrap these experiences in sci-fi lore. We all have personal pains, just add in a few exploding planets.”

Voraath began as a vessel for the quintet to continue touring and writing. They wanted to explore even further integrating science fantasy, soundscapes, and metal. They hope that the first two tracks tantalize audiences and leave them anticipating their debut album, which is currently underway.

Looking to hit the stage, they promise an onslaught of theatrics, bringing the story of the music to life. Atmospheric and driving, the medley of blast beats, chugging bass, and heavily distorted solos will be both intense and immersive. Voraath is recommended for fans of Septicflesh, Cattle Decapitation, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Listen to Voraath‘s singles at the following links:

Music Video – Siren Head –


Band Line Up:
Brad Parris – Vocalist, Guitarist
Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drummer/Vocals/ Keys
Tylor Kohl – Guitarist
Daniel Presnell – Guitarist, accompany instruments
Paul McBride – Bassist

For more info:

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