ODDLAND – Vermillion

If I remember correctly, the Finnish band Oddland appeared first on a talent contest and that’s when I heard their debut album, released a good 10 years ago. Even then, it contained progressive music with a rather distinctive independent sound. I can’t say that they were in a hurry to create records, because their third release came out this year.

Still, „Vermillion” is not a disappointment, especially for those who like this kind of progressive music. The best thing about it is that despite there are no outstanding hits in the 40-minute-long material (it’s not something to be expected from this kind of music), still, it’s the atmosphere that captivates the listener. Therefore, it is best listened to in its fullness.

Although the emphasis is more on the music, the vocals have a unique character, too. I also really like the down-tuned guitars that we get plenty of, not forgetting the quieter moments. As a plus, we can even occasionally hear some oriental motifs.

„Vermillion” doesn’t work in every moment of life, but it’s still a demanding individual creation.


1. Vermilion Pt.1: Arrival
2. Vermilion Pt.2: Below
3. Vermilion Pt.3: The Walls Of The Mind
4. Vermilion Pt.4: Feed The Void
5. Vermilion Pt.5: Emancipator
6. Pathway
7. Resonance
8. Unity

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