GAYLORD frontman releases new ultra violent grind project JAMIE LEE CURTIS


London, UK – The frontman of the ever controversial black metal act GAYLORD has released a new grindcore project called JAMIE LEE CURTIS. A veteran of the underground metal scene, RICHARD WEEKS has just celebrated 10 years of writing and recording music for the underground. “What better way to celebrate a decade of doing this than by releasing a new project,” the multi-instrumentalist says.

The album named INSIDIOUS ICONOCLAST unites frenzied insane vocals over top buzzsaw guitars, thunderous bass, and apocalyptic drums. Songs range from the frenetic PULVERIZED CORTEX to the sombre ROMANCING THE STONED. All vocals, guitars, bass, mixing, and mastering took place in WEEKS’ personal studio TWEED WOLF STUDIO. “I’m very happy with how the album turned out, I came down with a bad chest infection just as I started recording and that caused a few delays, but we got over the illness and released a pretty furious record,” WEEKS says.


01) Preaching to the Fire
02) Gargoyle
03) Thin Blue Chyme
04) Dead Horse
05) Alestorm Sucks and So Do Their Fans
06) Romancing the Stoned
07) Pulverized Cortex
08) Family Friendly Online Orgy
09) In Your Asshole Up to My Elbow
10) Shattered Orbital Cavities
11) Meat and Chips
12) Morrissey on the Guillotine
13) Crucified Ghoul

The album is available now and can be purchased from Bandcamp or streamed from all the major streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple.

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