THE WORLD WITHOUT US – Progressive Death Metal Project (Ft. Cognitive/ Burial In The Sky member contributions) Announce EP, Body Forth


Today’s announcement of The World Without Us – Body Forth EP aligns with the release of their debut single “Eden” via The Circle Pit. The World Without Us – Body Forth is set for release on Friday, July 8th.

About The Band/Release
 In the last few years, Pennsylvania has proven itself to be a hotbed of progressive death metal activity with rising stars Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate, Alustrium, and Burial In The Sky all converging towards separate yet similarly ambitious takes on the genre. Count West Chester, Pennsylvania newcomers The World Without Us in as yet another group from the state also pursuing a multi-faceted fresh spin on progressive death metal. In particular, The World Without Us set themselves apart by cultivating a sound that blends the best of Between The Buried And Me and Protest The Hero’s take on genre-bending progressive death metal with modern strains of heavy, groovy, and often uplifting modern progressive metal inspired by Periphery, and The Contortionist.

Active since 2018, The World WIthout Us are a fairly new group, one that has taken their time spread across the last few years in order to create their impressive debut material, Body Forth. Set for release on Friday, July 8th. The release was recorded, mixed, and mastered by former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in New Jersey. The eye-popping cover art for Body Forth was created by Poison Project who has created art for the beloved ongoing trading card game Magic The Gathering as well. Body Forth also features Burial In The Sky/sax for Rivers of Nihil member Zach Strouse on session bass. With additional bass guitar work written on three tracks by Cognitive (Metal Blade Records) bassist Tyler Capone-Vitale.

The World Without Us – Body Forth will appeal to fans of bands that have inspired the group which includes Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, Into Eternity, The Contortionist, and The Chariot.

The World Without Us comments
“The creation of this EP, Body Forth, comes from over a year of deep quiet. Using this liminal time afforded to us by fate, we were able to pull from our experiences to explore themes of self-realization and the calm of personal acceptance in the wake of insurmountable terrors. When we composed the music for this release, it was our intent to capture this dichotomy of inner serenity and outer turmoil. Our chaotic and progressive instrumentation builds behind the emotive, often lyrical, vocals, threatening to overtake them before colliding together to ascend as something neither could be alone.”

The World Without Us – Body Forth Tracklist
1, Eden
2. Cult
3. Weeds
4. Peril 

The World Without Us – Body Forth Line-Up
Mario Paulo Canavarro – Vocals
Christopher Fenimore – Lead Guitar
James Sundwall – Rhythm Guitar
Zach Strouse – Bass (Burial In The Sky/Rivers of Nihil)
Drums- Stephen Campbell

*Additional bass guitar writing on some tracks by Tyler Capone-Vitale of Cognitive (Metal Blade Records)

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