ENRAGEMENT – Finnish Brutal Death/Tech/Slam Unit Launch Early Atrocities Full Stream


Helsinki, Finland-based brutal/tech/slam death metallers Enragement have partnered with Finnish outlet, Inferno, to launch a full early stream of Atrocities. The album is set for release this Friday, April 29th via Rising Nemesis Records.

Release Information

Recent Rising Nemesis Records signees Enragement are excited to announce the upcoming release of their third full-length, Atrocities. The album will be released on April 29th through Rising Nemesis Records. 

Active since 2006, Enragement took their time in becoming the group they are now slowly, only getting to their current stage musically upon the 2014 release of their debut album, Omnimalevolence of Man. Afterward, the band dropped a well-received follow-up, Burned, Barren, Bloodstained, in 2017 via Finnish label Inverse Records. After many years of slow yet steady musical evolution, the band has finally found a new home in Rising Nemesis Records where they seek to put out their best material to date.

With Atrocities, Enragement delivers a hybrid approach to brutal and slam death metal that draws just as much from the technical side of the genre as it does the necessary sheer brutality and absurd heaviness the style is built upon. The end result is more intricate and deadlier than many of their peers, without losing sight of the core framework brutal/slam death metal exists within when done well. From a thematic perspective, Atrocities again chooses to eschew the normal focus on fantastical horror movie-type brutal lyrics in favor of discussing the all too real horrors of human wars and conflicts in the myriad of ways they impact all of our lives.

For those seeking to find the best of the upcoming brutal-minded death metal efforts of 2022, Enragement – Atrocities is what you’re looking for. Enragement – Atrocitieswill appeal to fans of bands the group cites as sources of inspiration including Dying Fetus, Analepsy, Abominable PutridityWormed, Katalepsy, and Disentomb.

Enragement comments
“Hideous portrayals of what lies beneath civilization, Atrocities describes monstrous true events throughout the history of mankind, from ancient to recent. Each song is a representation of acts whose cruelty extends beyond imagination – acts that seem to occur more frequently than we dare believe. This is the epitome of human suffering.

Musically, Enragement combines the intensity of brutal, technical, and slamming death metal with twists and turns from a diverse range of other extreme metal genres. Depending on the song, a perceptive listener can distinguish the cacophony of black metal, the grim atmosphere of doom metal, and the sheer fury of grindcore intricately weaved into the neck-breaking foundation of death metal.

No matter how unthinkably gruesome they may seem, each song on Atrocities is based on true events. Regardless of how deep you dive into imaginary evil, fantasy never overcomes the sickness of reality. The malevolence of man knows no boundaries.”

Enragement – Atrocities Tracklist
1. (In)humanity
2. Sadistic Sedition
3. Lethal Human Experimentation
4. Siberian Frost
5. Decimating Winds of Phosphorus
6. Heavenly Inferno
7. Trade in Viscera
8. Nailed to the Cross
9. Violent Bigotry
10. In Cinder
11. Transcend in Fire
12. Cast into Perishment

Enragement is:
Atte Ojanne – Guitars, Vocals
Tuomas Iivanainen – Guitars, Vocals
Juhana Korkka Heinonen – Bass, Vocals (Re-Armed, Frozen Land)
Lasse Sannikka – Drums (Reflection Dies, Pillars of Crucifixion)

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