THLURM Stream Entirety of The Thlurm Must Die & Dungeon Scum At Decibel Magazine


What in the fresh hell is THLURM? The word almost gets stuck on your tongue like a stubborn acid tab. Thlurm is the curious moniker of the devilish solo project created by Austin Sipes. Thlurm’s two demos of blackened mutant punk and death/grind have been turning heads and snapping spines, and were recently premiered by the illustrious metal experts at Decibel Magazine.

THLURM has teamed up with Indianapolis metal and punk label Wise Blood Records to unleash two demos in one killer release. The gruesome twosome of “The Thlurm Must Die” and “Dungeon Scum” were both just highlighted as part of Dutch Pearce’s DEMO:LISTEN column at Decibel. Pearce described Thlurm as “rowdy but intently performed punk-slash-death rock-slash-black metal like some hideous, fifth-generation amalgam that’s been growing in the rank depths of the outer sewerlands of Terra Haute, Indiana.”

You can padlock your doors and bar your basement windows, but Thlurm will still infiltrate your consciousness when Wise Blood Records releases the project’s first two demos on April 29th. Get toxic wasted with THLURM and infect your friends with some lethal blackened punk.

Listen to the THLURM demos and read an interview with Sipes at Decibel Magazine here:

THLURM’s demo compilation releases April 29th from Wise Blood Records on digital, CD, and cassette.

Order a copy on Bandcamp:

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