SKOTOSE Release “Spirit of Madness” Lyric Video


SKOTOSE, Shapeshifter PR and Craig Rossi (Drift Into Black, Days in the Abyss, Ex-Grey Skies Fallen) present the lyric video for Spirit of Madness. The song appears on SKOTOSE’s King of Human Sacrifice Demo. It will also be featured on the upcoming full-length (details coming soon on that release). 

The video was created by Craig Rossi. The song pays homage to Ancient Greece and the Spirit of Madness, Lyssa. It features iconic imagery of Ancient Rome and Greece including depictions of Lyssa, Bachuss, Dionysus, and their wild rites. Spirit of Madness is not only an ode to Ancient Greece, who wrote extensively on the Spirit of Madness, it symbolizes the agony and ecstasy of mania. It symbolizes rage, rabies, lust, passion and having no inhibitions.

SKOTOSE bassist and lead lyricist comments on the song:

“I am very proud to present this video. I have had visions of what this song represents and Craig Rossi took that vision and made it heavenly. It’s like being on Mount Olympics with the gods! His graphic work and interpretation of the lyrics went beyond what I expected, and he created a masterpiece!  He also made the song sound better by equing it.

He definitely hit a home run, but if you are familiar with his work you will see this is only one out many projects. Rossi makes all his own videos for his project Drift Into Black and his new Science Fiction project, Days in the Abyss. The first Days in the Abyss video will launch into outer space on May 13. Be on the lookout for a press release from Shapeshifter PR.”

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