NEUROTIC MACHINERY to release their sixth album in summer

Czech tech-death metal band NEUROTIC MACHINERY have their sixth full-length album in the works. The album entitled „A Loathsome Abberation“ will be released in summer 2022 through the Czech label Bizarre Leprous Prod..

Two years have passed since the band’s last, well acclaimed album „Nocturnal Misery“, which marked their departure from post-metal world and a direction towards death-metal. If you were a fan of this change, „A Loathsome Abberation“ won’t let you down, since the new release will continue the same way. But it wouldn’t be NEUROTIC MACHINERY if there wasn’t a twist and a personally specific approach. The result is a combo of traditionally genre-specific ingredients and modern approach alongside a focus on technicalities of play. A keen ear will miss neither elements of black metal, nor some well hidden post-metal touches. This signature „Neurotic vision of death metal“ is back in full force, this time as the hardest and darkest release in the band’s history. But that’s not all.

The most important first about „A Loathsome Abberation“ is that it will be the first fully conceptual album the band will have released. The centerpiece of the whole are one’s personal demons, inhibitors or obstacles that stop them from becoming their true self. These „loathsome abberations“ are represented by various outside factors as well as inner ones, pressure we take for our own, or stereotypes we get trapped in, although we’d wish for a different path altogether. Everybody has experienced situations in their life that can be identified as such, and that’s why everybody can project their own stories and experience into the album’s lyrics.

The concept of the album is undoubtedly pure darkness and that of course is also reflected in the music. „A Loathsome Abberation“ is not only the heaviest and most direct creation of the Czechs, but it is without doubt the most depressive one as well. That way the record musically as well as lyrically dives into the listeners inner self, trying to unveil their hidden demons, both emotionally and philosophically.

Another important piece of the puzzle is that this sixth full-length album will be released through one of the longest-standing Czech publishers – the label Bizarre Leprous Prod.. The band has thus joined forces with one of the foremost labels in the Czech as well as worldwide underground scene.

An exact release date has not yet been specified, but „A Loathsome Abberation“ will be out this summer. NEUROTIC MACHINERY are going to have an official release party at their very own summer festival Husman Fest, taking place in Tachov, CZ on July 16, 2022. Headlining this festival will be the US death metal legend, MASTER.


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