Bull Elephant Offshoot THŪN Releasing Second Album July 1; Nile’s Karl Sanders on Lead Guitar


International metal collective THŪN, featuring Jon Higgs (guitar/vocals) and Hugo Wilkinson (bass) of MONSTERWORKS, alongside James Knoerl (drums, GARGOYL), will release its second album on July 1 via Eat Lead and Die Music. Guest lead guitar was once again smashed out of the park byKarl Sanders of NILE

The album’s opening track, “Where All Truths Lie,” is streaming now at:

THŪN’s flavor could be described as epic death metal, spiced by discordant doom …smothered with plenty of old school SABBATH and PRIEST influences.

The narrative concept is BULL ELEPHANT adjacent (an entity also part of the greater Eat Lead and Die Music collective), drawing from the same loosely Lovecraftian mythos but following the present-day adventures of an eco-witch-terrorist, i.e. rather than an undead Nazi-fighting pachyderm.* The enemy is every person or corporation that puts profit before preservation of the natural world. With tentacles.

THŪN is a virtual effort in that each musician, in the UK and US respectively, handled their own recording/production, with final mixing by Jon and dynamic mastering by Damian Herring (HORRENDOUS, Subterranean Watchtower Studios).

*Notably, your favorite neighborhood undead Nazi-fighting pachyderm will return with a third Bull Elephant album before the end of this year.

A word from the band on the album release format:

The album will initially be available only from Bandcamp as a 24-bit full dynamic range download (or MP3 if you must) with PDF lyric book because, y’know, CDs are obsolete, new vinyl is for posers (the kind of idiot that thinks intentionally degrading an audio signal that came from a digital master in the first place actually sounds better), cassettes are for hipster posers and subscription streaming is for soulless stooges that actively participate in the devaluation of music.”


Track Listing:

  1. Where All Truths Lie
  2. Look to the Sea
  3. Kiss the Ground
  4. I Have Failed You
  5. …Completely
  6. Zero Growth
  7. Final Cut

Album Line-Up:

Jon Higgs – Guitar/Vocals
James Knoerl – Drums
Hugo Wilkinson – Bass
Karl Sanders – Lead Guitar

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