THE DAMNNATION releases debut album; Listen to ‘Way Of Perdition’

Album is released by Dutch Soulseller Records in physical format and is now available on all digital platforms


THE DANNATION attacks with their debut album, releasing a versatile sound that mixes multiple strands of extreme metal and brings old school thrash to life. ‘Way Of Perdition’ is released today, May 6, 2022 via Soulseller Records on CD, LP and digitally. In Brazil, the album is released on CD by the Xaninho Discos label.

‘WAY OF PERDITION’ was produced and recorded by Rogério Oliveira, who worked on the EP Parasite’ and mixed and mastered by the renowned Martín Furia, who has worked on the Nervosa, Eskröta and BARK albums. Martin was recently announced as the new guitarist for the band Destruction.

“For fans of dark, driving thrash, the debut full-length from Brazilian ultra-power trio The Damnnation will, paradoxically, be pure heaven” – Decibel Magazine

“Renata Petralli’s beastly roar is somewhere between Max Cavalera and Angela Gossow–guttural with a Portuguese flair–and it easily tears through the band’s thrashing racket, which recalls old-school Sepultura’s in groove, and Sarcófago in atmosphere” – Invisible Oranges

“36 minutes later we have a great play and the absolute certainty that Brazil follows a barn of good heavy bands” –Headbangers News

CD and limited vinyls is available here:



Based in São Paulo / Brazil, THE DAMNNATION consist of Renata Petrelli (vocals, guitar), Aline Dutchi (bass, backing vocals), and Luana Diniz (drums).

In 2020 they dropped a four-track EP entitled “Parasite”, on which the raging fist of old school Heavy Metal hit the skull of Thrash Metal. Imagine the love child of Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Power Trip if you will.

Now, the power trio will strike back even heavier – be prepared!

THE DAMNNATION_cover220219

Genre: Thrash Metal 

01. Before the Drowning
02. Way of Perdition
03. Into the Sun
04. This Pain Won’t Last
05. Grief of Death
06. Random Words
07. Slaves of Society
08. Rotten Soul
09. No Hope Inside
10. The Greed

Renata Petrelli (Vocals and Guitar)
Aline Dutchi (bass e Vocals)
Lu Diniz (Drums)

Producer:  Rogério Oliveira

Recording: Rogério Oliveira (Flight Studio)

Mixing and mastering: Martin Fúria

Artwork: Alcides Burn

Photography: Jéssica Marinho and Filipe Moriarty

For more on THE DAMNNATION visit the band’s official FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

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THE DAMNNATION – Debut Album ‘Way Of Perdition’  in May 2022 via Soulseller Records


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