NECHOCHWEN Album ‘Kanawha Black’ Streaming Now!


West Virginia’s revered black/folk metal duo Nechochwen have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the premiere of forthcoming album Kanawha Black. Stream the album at the link below!

Nechochwen will release Kanawha Black May 13 on digital, vinyl, and CD formats through Bindrune Recordings.


Note: The vinyl version is a single LP with a Gatefold jacket and 2- sided insert! The LP comes with CD and download card.

“Kanawha Black is Nechochwen’s masterwork–their most refined and forceful vision to date.”
– Decibel

“It’s difficult to imagine what black metal would look like today without Nechochwen’s influence. Kanawha Black is a statement piece that makes them feel more essential than ever.”
– Invisible Oranges

“A contender for album of the year.” (10/10)
– Metal-Only

“The way their songs flow from heavy and furious to slower and more melodic makes them unique just in how they execute it. I could put this album on and just get lost in the music.” (5/5)
– Metal-Rules

“It’s a true pleasure to witness the triumphant return to action by Nechochwen with the excellent Kanawha Black.”
– The Headbanging Moose

“This is not only my favorite folk metal album of the year so far, but one of my favorite releases altogether. You owe it to yourself and Nechochwen to give this album a go.”
– Teeth of the Divine

“The roots of their earlier material remain, but they’ve expanded their vision, never compromising their heart or their heaviness, always trying to morph into something more devastating and always thought provoking.”
– Meat Mead Metal

“The universe of Nechochwen has two very complementary shades. The aggressive riffs perfectly meet with soaring and very soft elements.” (85/100)
– Acta Infernalis

“A consistently great listening experience, which sets a well-deserved climax with the brilliantly executed, incredibly intense album finale.”
– Vampster

“Kanawha Black’s songs come from an ancient world. It is Black Metal far from hell and close to nature, the earth and the indigenous.”
– El Lado Oscuro

After seven years since the release of Heart of Akamon, West Virginia’s Nechochwen return, unveiling Kanawha Black! Fierce melodies and heartfelt composition/riff stylings further cement the rich and powerful legacy that Nechochwen has nurtured since their inception.

Kanawha Black is a vibrant mix of uniquely black metal influenced aggression, up against moving classical instrumentation that unlocks an inspiring glimpse into what extreme metal can achieve!

Album Synopsis (written by Aaron aka Nechochwen):

“Though Kanawha Black was inspired by events both factual and anecdotal in American prehistory and frontier history, the songwriting gradually progressed into an album that has a less earthy and more otherworldly atmosphere. As we tracked, mixed, and mastered this album over several years, Kanawha Black seemed to originate from and reside somewhere in the ether. On the surface, the songs’ topics continue to explore our region; Appalachia (specifically the Ohio River Valley of West Virginia and Ohio as well as the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania) continues to provide our greatest artistic influence. However, we hope that these songs will also convey to the listener that the essence of the past, even in fleeting moments in our modern lives, is still connected to us in many ways through natural mystery. Kanawha Black is our attempt to tap into the veil of this connection.”

The band previously released a lyric video for the title track, which is available for your viewing/listening pleasure at:

Track Listing:

  1. Kanawha Black
  2. The Murky Deep
  3. I Can Die But Once
  4. A Cure for the Winter Plagues
  5. Visions, Dreams, and Signs
  6. Generations of War
  7. Across The Divide

Album Credits:

Nechochwen – Guitars, vocals, flute

Pohonasin – Drums, bass, hand percussion, jaw harp on “Visions, Dreams, and Signs,” vocals for chorus on “Kanawha Black”

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Pohonasin

Photography by Alex Long
Layout by Pohonasin
Logo by Austin Lunn


Formed in 2005, West Virginia’s Nechochwen is the passionate exploration of Native American Indian heritage through stunning classical guitar instrumentation and lush atmosphere. From the ashes of the band Angelrust, Nechochwen, the sole creator of this art and man from which the “band” receives its namesake, set out to create a very powerful trip back in time with his music and further explore the tales and lives of his ancestors. Nechochwen is passion, creativity and a powerful spiritual awakening that the listener can feel pouring out of the compositions of this art.

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