Bassist Mark LaVenia from “Beyond The Unknown” (1990) album band lineup / “BTU” Tour 1991, rejoins Opprobrium after three decades!

“I am thrilled to be reuniting with my brothers, Francis and Moyses, and joining the Opprobrium line-up. It feels like we are picking up where we left off, after returning from the Beyond the Unknown 1991 European tour. Since our time together in (formerly known as) Incubus (now Opprobrium), Francis and Moyses have continued to write and record at the same stand-out, high caliber for which they are known. Intense and compelling riffs, brutal and provocative drumming, driving and indelible arrangements. For me, the music they create captures the elements of metal that speak to me the strongest: demanding musicianship, powerful rhythms, and smart writing. I couldn’t be happier, again being part of this outfit. Besides the music itself, the three of us have chemistry. It was there from the beginning, it was reinforced on our tour, and it has not dissipated in the least—even though our communication over the years has been infrequent and we’ve been apart for three decades. Returning to the stage with them will come as second nature. I know there is a hunger out there from fans, eager to see us; and I am eager to deliver on that.” says Mark LaVenia.

Opprobrium photo, from left to right: Moyses, Francis and Mark.


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