ИORAM – “LEMMING” is officially out


ИORAM is a band born in 2018 in Naples by Alfredo Juliano (lead guitar) and Marco Maresca (drums), composed by Victor Rodriguez (vocals) Lorenzo Massa (bass) and Pasquale Fedele (rhythm guitar).

They already have to their credit an EP “Anthropocene”, produced by Wanikiya Record, consisting of five songs, released in November 2020, with clear old school and hardcore metal influences, combined with the tradition of songwriting in Italian, enjoying success they are not in Italy but also abroad with excellent reviews in the media and sector publications.

Some words about “LEMMING”….

Out now on all major digital music platforms “LEMMING”, the new single by the Neapolitan metal band ИORAM, recorded by the producer and bassist Sebastiano Di Martino, also accompanied by a lyric video on Youtube and available on the Wanikiya Record store in Italy and Japan .

Even this new single, like all the band’s production, is in Italian and is a clear reference to popular culture that wants small Arctic rodents (lemmings, in fact) to commit suicide en masse, a clear metaphor for the man devoid of critical sense and individual opinion following the mass pays the only possible destination… DEATH!

A clear reference also to the period we are living through, because as ИORAM sing: “It is a society of lemmings – Who follow whoever stands in front of them – And jump – Unaware of the consequences – And run – Ending their dreams”.

A single that has an excellent riff of guitars and drums, very contemporary that mixes classic metal with flashes of hardcore, with a frenzied rhythm even in the singing.

These are the links to listen LEMMING:



This is the link of the lyric video on Youtube:

Official pages of ИORAM:




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