TROLLDOM stream first of two IRON BONEHEAD debut albums at Black Metal Promotion – features members of BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ, GREVE, MUSMAHHU, MUVITIUM+++


On May 27th internationally, Iron Bonehead Productions will release two simultaneous debut albums of TrolldomI Nattens Sken and Av Gudars Ätt, on CD and vinyl LP formats. And today, the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel streams Av Gudars Ätt in its entirety. Hear Trolldom‘s Av Gudars Ätt in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Trolldom is a name that goes back many years. While the band’s date of origin is unknown, the first demo, Av gudablod röd…, was released in 2016. That Trolldom played authentically vintage second-wave black metal should hardly be surprising considering it came under the banner of Ancient Records linchpin Swartadauþuz (Azelisassath, Bekëth Nexëhmü, Muvitium, Greve, Musmahhu, Digerdöden, Gnipahålan, Mystik, Summum, Daudadagr). Back then, his rabidly prolific nature was just starting to blossom, and Trolldom was yet another new-yet-old creation that contributed to his wider cosmology whilst standing on its own.

Alas, tireless as he was with his myriad bands, Swartadauþuz didn’t publicly revisit Trolldom…until now, with the simultaneous release of TWO albums. Of them, Av Gudars Ätt highlights both dynamics and desolation within his second-wave sensibilities. The album’s music was written between 2014 and 2017 and recorded in 2018, while the mixing/mastering came in 2021. While Trolldom‘s spectral ‘n’ stargazing style of black metal mysticism remains firm between the two full-lengths, the five (mostly) epic tracks comprising Av Gudars Ätt unfurl a vast landscape of sonic / psychic color, going from sparse and almost-comforting tundras of ambience to majestic, stained-glass spirals of malevolence and plenty more in between; nearly every moment sounds monolithic and regal, no matter the tempo. Taken another way, Av Gudars Ätt’s cover art perfectly illustrates its contents just as its counterpart’s does.

If any doubt ever lingered about the power and poignancy of Swartadauþuz’s projects despite their prolific nature, Trolldom trounces all doubters with the twin-attack of I Nattens Sken and Av Gudars Ätt. Purer expressions of ’90s black metal classicism one will not find nowadays, and both effortlessly transport the listener to forgotten realms and glorious times.

Fully transport thyself with Av Gudars Ätt exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Aforementioned cover art and tracklistings are as follows:


Tracklisting for Trolldom’s Av Gudars Ätt
1. Av Nagelbyggt Fran Doda Man… [13:23]
2. Avtryck i Tiden Vavens Sista Stycke [9:06]
3. Tomma Ogonhalor Spa Tidens Ande [1:18]
4. En Eldbekladd Begravningsritual… [9:34]
5. Ur Nattsvart Dimma Mot Mossens Morka Vatten [14:06]

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TROLLDOM stream second of two IRON BONEHEAD debut albums at Black Metal Promotion – features members of BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ, GREVE, MUSMAHHU, MUVITIUM+++


TROLLDOM to release two debut albums via IRON BONEHEAD, reveal first tracks – features members of BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ, GREVE, MUSMAHHU, MUVITIUM, MYSTIK+++


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