WRANG stream new Dominance of Darkness/Tour De Garde album ‘De Vaendrig’ at Black Metal Promotion!


DOMINANCE OF DARKNESS RECORDS and TOUR DE GARDE are exited to announce the second full-length ‘DE VAENDRIG’ by the Dutch Introspective Black Metal ensemble WRANG.

The release date is set for June 3rd, 2022 and will come in the following formats:
CD / DIGITAL / LP (later this year).

Today ‘De Vaendrig’ will be streamed in its entirety on the renowned YouTube-channel BLACK METAL PROMOTION!!


Release date: 3 June, 2022 
Genre: Black Metal  
Formats: CD / DIGITAL / LP    

For fans of: Taake, Bethlehem, Horna

‘De Vaendrig’ (The Ensign) was written between 2018 and 2020 by Galgenvot. The music finds itself caught in between the conflicting ideas of pessimism and hope.
The paradoxical position of an acknowledgement of life’s utter futility, but yet cherishing a desire to fight and overcome. There are no new concepts or revolutionary ideas;
‘De Vaendrig’ is an amalgamation of reflecting on the past and present and taking adversity head-on without compromise or excuse. In perpetual conflict between hope and pessimism, we stare death in the face and smile.

1. Doodgeslagen onschuld (5:29)
2. De vaendrig (7:35)
3. Jachttijd (6:59)
4. Voorwaarts! De nacht roept (4:56) 
5. Bestevaer (7:16)
6. Afgunst (4:41)
7. Liturgie Van Zelfhaat (6:05)
Total: (43:02)

Galgenvot – Guitar, vocals, composition
Valr – Drums
Mercur – Bass, backing vocals

Guest vocals on “Voorwaarts! De nacht roept” by:
R. Schmidt

Recorded by Wrang in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Spring 2020
Produced, mixed & mastered by JB van der Wal in Paterswolde, Drenthe, 2021

Artwork by Vengealis
Design by Galgenvot
Photo by R. Schmidt

Demo 2015 – demo (2015)
Arrogant Destruktor / Wrang – split (Wolfspell Records / 2016)
Domstad Swart Metael – full-length (Tour de Garde / 2019)
Koude gracht, Gramme werf – split (Worship the Goat / 2019)

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