UNBURDEN burst onto the scene with epic single “Death Dreams”

Dutch/Aussie metal outfit UNBURDEN have unleashed an intense and darkly gorgeous offering that is as earth-shattering as it is soaring. Bursting at the seams with shimmering lead guitar melodies and overwhelming drum patterns, Death Dreams dares to find the line between dreaming and imagination. Vocalist Josh Muncke explains:

When the band presented the track to me, I immediately felt a pull to write about something that I was uncertain on sharing. It’s definitely multi-faceted, in that it explores the idea of constantly imagining one’s death in everyday scenarios, but also considering the effect it would have on those who are close. The lyrics are intensely heavy, but perfectly complement the heaviness of the music.

In just under 4 minutes, UNBURDEN have put forward a massive statement to the metal world that they are one to watch. Don’t sleep on Death Dreams.”

Death Dreams will be available on all major streaming platforms and will premiere on YouTube on the 27th of May, 6pm CEST.

Dutch-Aussie Modern Metal outfit UNBURDEN are exploding onto the scene in a big and beautiful way.

What started out as a Modern Metal project between two mates, has now fully developed into a tight-knit and high-energy group that is intent on bringing fresh melodies and dazzling sonic atmospheres to the metal world.

During the pandemic, the Netherlands was locked down hard with imposed curfews, harsh social restrictions and mass closures of venues and businesses. During this time, the band began to dive deep into the material they had whilst reflecting on the bleak reality around them. What resulted is a beautifully heavy mix of Modern Metal that is just as gorgeous as it is heavy. Soaring solos from guitarists Jarno van Deuveren and Joran van den Poll are abundant and surgically performed. Pim Meijlof and Pim Trommelen carry out the crushing weight of the bass and percussive lines, respectively. Vocalist Josh Muncke lashes the listener with anguish-filled growls that are perfectly contrasted to his fragile clean melodies.

As the world slowly begins to turn again, Unburden, will undoubtedly be grabbing the attention of the metal world as they release some truly thought-provoking and catchy tracks. Don’t sleep on this band, or it’ll be your burden to bear.

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