DEINONYCHUS re-sign with My Kingdom Music


A dark trip towards the end of light and hope.
This is DEINONYCHUS, a noose around the neck of your mental stability, a knife piercing your emotional well-being, definitely a band like no other.

I am really proud to represent once again with My Kingdom Music the home where Marco Kehren wants to face his own demons and innermost pains and express these in the dramatic essence of his apocalyptic soundtracks.


We’ll celebrate DEINONYCHUS’ 30th anniversary (1992-2022) and this is the program:
– May 30th, 2022: The whole discography on digital stores (pre-save on Apple Music and Spotify here:
– December 2022: the 8 DEINONYCHUS full-length albums released on deluxe A5 digipak CD format
– Spring 2023: the 8 DEINONYCHUS full-length albums released on vinyl format!
– Late 2023: It’s time to record a new album and it will be painful and nihilistic Art at its best.
Suicidal icon DEINONYCHUS is back and the lights start to fade away.


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