HELLEVAERDER releases ZWAERTGEVEGT debut ‘In de nevel van afgunst’ today!


At present, HELLEVAERDER and ZWAERTGEVEGT are thrilled to announce the debut album by the Dutch black metallers of HELLEVAERDER called
 ‘IN DE NEVEL VAN AFGUNST’, and shall be released  on June 1st, 2022
on the following formats:

A few media quotes:

83/100 “Strong debut by Hellevaerder, a band that, following  Doodswens, should also be able to break new international grounds.” ~ Addergebroed (Belgium)

5/6 “In De Nevel Van Afgunst” is a playfully strong album, which is equipped with an intense atmosphere. The album definitely leaves you wanting more and you should definitely keep an eye on the band.” ~ Seelenfeuer (Germany)

7/10 “In short, “In de nevel van afgunst” is an album that will satisfy the most purist fans of Black Metal. Personally, I’m sure that Hellevaerder hasn’t reached its climax, but they are on the right track and this album is very good proof of that.” ~ Broken Tomb (Spain)


Release date: 1 June, 2022
Genre: Black Metal
Formats: CD / DIGITAL / MC / LP 

For fans of:For fans of: Dark Funeral, Hate Forest, Emperor, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult 

The first full-length release by Dutch black metal formation Hellevaerder lures you into foreboding depths with seven pitch black tracks. During those we will give you a look through our vision of darkness. We will drag you down into the deepest parts of our mind, body and soul and let the darkness devour you.

Je bent niks waard – de dood is bevrijdend!


Hellevaerder, founded in 2017, started as an idea to make black metal sung in Dutch. After some searching and fiddling with the line-up, the first release ‘Langs eindeloze paden’ saw the light in 2018. After this release, Hellevaerder got a taste for it which resulted in the single ‘Gehekeld door een ieder’, and was released in early 2019. After a change in the line-up, the single ‘Krijgers’ was released at the end of the same year. 

After two difficult Covid-years, the band has finished their first full-length. ‘In de nevel van afgunst’ brings you seven tracks that pull you into the depths. With a new stage image, the band will bring a dark ritual live and take you on a journey.

You are worthless, death is liberating.

Celebrate life, Worship death
Hail Hellevaerder!


1. Je bent niks waard (6:07)
2. Donder dwalen (4:52)
3. Uit het vuur getrokken (5:46)
4. In de nevel van afgunst (7:03)
5. Nieuw licht (4:42)
6. Gemarteld en verdronken (4:40)
7. Vergeten, verloren (6:34)
Total (39:48)

Line-up:Miranda Visser – Vocals
Arjen Kleiss – Guitar
Bas Cuperus – Guitar
Rene Meijer – Bass
Daan Bleumink – Drums

Composition, concept, songwriting and lyrics by Daan Bleumink

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daan Bleumink at Home in Heerhugowaard, NL February 2022

Photography by Roel de Rooij

Artwork by A.A.W.R. 

Lay-out by Daan Bleumink / A.A.W.R.

Logo by Viral Designs Discography:

Aan de aarde terug gegeven – demo (2018)
Gehekeld – single (2019)
Krijgers – demo (2019)
Discography – compilation (Zwaertgevegt / 2020)
Hellevaerder / Perifide – split (Zwaertgevegt / 2021)


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