Animated Insanity Records and No Dust Records release video for new SPEAKING TO STONES song “Gravity”


Hard rock and heavy metal record labels Animated Insanity Records (United States) and No Dust Records (Netherlands) announce the release of the new SPEAKING TO STONES video for the song “GRAVITY” from their upcoming new album “(in)human error” which will be released worldwide on August 5, 2022.

The album (in)human error will be available via the websites of Animated Insanity Records.and No Dust Records.


Praised for his marriage of technique and expressivity, Tony M. Vinci has gained international acclaim as an award-winning song writer and solo guitarist.

In 2006, Tony formed Speaking to Stones, an international progressive rock project. Their self-titled debut was released to critical acclaim, winning Viruoso Magazine’s Progressive Metal CD of the Year 2006. According to Neal Woodall at Detritus: “Speaking To Stones bridges the gap between the classic hard rock/progressive metal of bands like King’s X, Fates Warning and Dream Theater with the modern heavy rock sounds of groups like Killswitch Engage, Sevendust and Disturbed, resulting in an intriguing album of unique material. Guitarist Tony Vinci plays some positively blistering solos on the album, really showing that you don’t have to leave technique out of music with a modern rock tag.” Other critics describe Tony’s playing on the disc as “flawless,” “blistering,” and “melodic.”

Speaking to Stones’s follow-up CD was a more progressive adventure and called for a new group of musicians, including Andy Engberg (Section A, Sorcerer) on vocals, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Slavior) on drums, Greg Putnam (Jam Pain Society) on bass and stick, and Anthony Brown (Graphite Symphony) on keyboards. Between 2009 and 2012, this cast of international performers collaborated on the five thematically-linked tracks that make up the band’s 2012 release: Elements. The result is a musical narrative that builds on groove metal roots and develops into a soundscape of symphonic complexity and technically prodigious performances.

Ten years later, Speaking to Stones is ready to release their third effort: (In)Human Error, a personal journey through the beauty and disappointment of trying to make change in our too, too broken world. To help him incorporate elements of more modern progressive bands such as Periphery and Animals as Leaders, Tony enlisted wunderkind drummer Mike Malyan (Monuments, Disperse) and vocalist Maxi Curnow. Their collaboration produced a collection of compositions that are as lyrically rich as they are sonically diverse.

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