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Five years after “Tando Ashanti“, the Danish band HEXIS is ready to release their third album via Debemur Morti Productions. “Aeternum” is the group’s most dynamic, cohesive, cerebral and undoubtedly heaviest record yet. Almost three years in the making, enforced time away from the stage has allowed the band to refocus and redefine their thunderous sound into a truly distinctive beast which merges violent Hardcore, desolate Black Metal, brooding post-Metal and elements of Dark Ambient with the churning ruthlessness of bass-driven Industrial and Grind.


01. Letum
02. Divinitas
03. Exhaurire
04. Interitus
05. Tacet
06. Accipis
07. Nunquam
08. Vulnera
09. Captivus
10. Memento
11. Amissus
12. Aeternum

The music on “Aeternum” was composed by Dalle OldmaFilip Andersen and Luca Mele between 2019 and 2021. Lyrics were written by Filip Andersen between 2019 and 2021. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nördstrom (AT THE GATESTHE HAUNTED) at Fredman Studio. The snake photos were done by Aslak Junttu, the Hill of Crosses photos by Riivata Visuals. Layout by Sam Dishington.

In collaboration with Decibel mag, HEXIS unveil a third song from the new album. On ‘Nunquam‘, the band unleashes their full potential in less than three minutes, thus impressively displaying their top-notch and on point songwriting skills. Additionally, Riivata Visuals created a stunning and eerie video to further underline the oppressive atmosphere of the composition. Check the clip and the song below:

Vocalist Filip narrates about this composition:

I guess the kind of guitar riffing we have going on in this track is somewhat similar to what we were doing a lot back in the days when we started – a band like SHORA being a big inspiration for us. But I will still say the compositional process for this song was really different than it used to be. For example, ‘Nunquam’ has a lot of smaller details and other things that we never focused too much on back in the days. Overall, it is just a lot better written. I guess you also can say that the song is more technical compared to what we have done before. Personally, the biggest difference for me is that I think my vocal work is a lot better than anything I have done previously. I really focused a lot on not making the vocal patterns too static/monotonous, since I have the feeling that a lot of our old material is suffering from this. It was very important for me to do something which was more alive and a little more all over the place, while still being ‘in your face’. Lyrically, the song is about feeling hopeless, and that the emotion of joy will never come back. So, since we are working with Latin titles on all our songs, ‘Nunquam’, meaning ‘Never’, just felt like a fitting title here.

Aeternum” will be released on CD, tape, vinyl and digital with fitting merch on August 26th. Pre-orders for the album are possible from the label’s EUUS (only t-shirt) and Bandcamp shops. The women t-shirt, long sleeves shirt and hoodie are only available from the EU and Bandcamp stores. Various bundle offers for a discounted price are available exclusively from the EU shop.

Reminder: On June 3rd, HEXIS will embark on a large tour through Canada to spread the word about the coming album. See all dates here:

HEXIS emerged in Denmark in the year 2010, following the DIY-spirit of the Punk and Hardcore scene, while simultaneously being deeply rooted in the Black Metal sound. They are self-made as well as self-taught, and HEXIS are constantly travelling the world. With over 700 shows from the Faroe Islands to New Zealand and from Cuba to Mongolia under their belt, these guys have been the archetype of a hard-working and hard-hitting band.

Combining the energy of Hardcore with the desolation of Black Metal and throwing in bits and pieces of Doom and Sludge, HEXIS have crafted two full-length albums, namely “Abalam” (2014) and “Tando Ashanti” (2017), as well as countless EPs and Split-releases. The musicians behind HEXIS are located all over Europe and they have been praised for both their outstanding records and, first and foremost, for their intense live shows that took them to high ranking festivals such as Roskilde, Bloodstock, Roadburn or Ieper Fest.

HEXIS have inked a deal with Debemur Morti Productions in 2020 and will release their third album in 2022.

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