BARBAROSSA – “Ils N’ont Pas Passé” video now available

The lyric video of “Ils n’ont pas passé”, title track of the new EP by BARBAROSSA, is available at this location.

The EP is out now on Spotify and on all digital platforms via Ad Noctem Records.
This new release presents two brand new tracks and a re-release of the song “Confessions through Torture”, already featured in the 2016 EP “He Who Walks Alone”.

The recording sessions took place at Antronero Recording Studio in Padua, under the supervision of Lorenzo Telve, bassist/singer of the band. Giovanni Rosellini took care of the mastering in his Undergrind Studio in Perugia.


Ils n’ont pas passé
Auf wiedersehen Sagen
Confessions through Torture

The cover artwork is by artist Aleh Zielankievič.

“Death” and “destruction” are the keywords for the description of the Venetian band’s sound: blackened death metal with various influences, ranging from the most classic sounds of the genre to European thrash. A unique style, capable of captivating both old school lovers and fans of more modern takes on the death metal genre. Pure brutality mixed with abysmal atmospheres. An authentic war machine that finds inspiration in the suffering and agony of body and soul, for a one-way trip to hell.

“They have not passed” is the famous phrase pronounced by General Pétain at the end of the battle of Verdun.
The roar of cannons, machine-gun bursts and suicide assaults on fortified positions are still well etched in the collective imagination; the Venetian band has decided to present a concept centred on the First World War, inspired by the events that took place in the territory where the members of the group live today. A personal interpretation of the bloody historical events that shook Europe in the early 1900s.

Link for listening to “Ils n’ont pas passé”


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