THE ATROPHIC – Tech Melodic Death Metal Outfit Premiere “Coagulating Mirth” via No Clean Singing. EP out July 8th

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Technical Melodic Death Outfit The Atrophic has partnered with No Clean Singing to launch “Coagulating Mirth“, the title track from their upcoming EP of the same name. Coagulating Mirth is set for release on Friday, July 8th

Release Information
An often recited complaint when it comes to technical death metal is that it’s not catchy and lacks hooks. Although it is but one sub-style of the genre, melodic death metal fused with tech-death continues to grow and flourish stylistically for good reason. It’s accessible, still over-the-top, brutal, yet retains a streamlined take on extreme death metal beloved by many and pioneered by groups such as Arsis and The Black Dahlia Murder.

North Carolina duo The Atrophic is a new group that formed in 2021, one which is eager to prove their mettle as an upcoming act centered around this style of complex melodic death metal. Joined by world-renowned drummer Robin Stone (Ashen Horde, Norse, ex-live for Augury, etc.) on session drums. Together the duo which consists of vocalist Sean Irizarry and guitarist/bassist Kyle Kuffermann along with help from session drummer Robin Stone are set to drop their exciting four-song-EP, Coagulating Mirth on July 8th. Recording for Coagulating Mirth was handled by the band at their respective home studios and the release was produced, mixed, and mastered by Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, ex-Hate Eternal, ex- Obscura, etc.) at Mordor Sounds Studio in Nuremberg, Germany. The eye-popping cover art for Coagulating Mirth was created by well-known artist Vladimir Chebakov known for his work with bands such as Hideous Divinity, Corpsessed, 1914, Katalepsy, and many more. 

Coagulating Mirth is a brutal, heavy, memorable, and ominous work of art. Everything that death metal fans crave. This is the work of a new band, yet sounds like the highly developed output of a project with numerous releases under their belt. The Atrophic – Coagulating Mirth will appeal to fans of bands that have inspired the group which includes Arsis, At The Gates, Inferi, Mors Principium Est, Skeletonwitch, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

The Atrophic comments
“Our debut effort, Coagulating Mirth, is a snapshot and a surreal portrait of the times we’re facing today. The band was born during a global pandemic at a time when society is split across different ideological boundaries. We joined forces as a duo to develop music to challenge ourselves and share a vision of impending doom that consumes the zeitgeist. 

Musically, our goal was to create something with darkness and intensity, with a heavy focus on melody and musicality. Our songs are technical, with intense riffage and soaring solos, but not at the expense of the songwriting. For us, songwriting always comes first.”

The Atrophic – Coagulating Mirth Tracklist
1. Coagulating Mirth
2. Misery’s Grip
3. Vessels for the Oligarchs
4. Horrid Mortal Tendrils


The Atrophic-Coagulating Mirth Line-Up
Sean Irizarry – Vocals
Kyle Kuffermann – Guitars/Bass
Robin Stone – Drums (Ashen Horde, Norse, etc.)

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