BETRAYED – The New Video For “Time Is The Best Murderer” Set To Be Released On June 18th!


After the release of the concept album “Kasna”,italian thrash/death metal act Betrayed is glad to announce a new video for the track “Time Is The Best Murderer”, out on June 18th. About the video the band says: “The video of the song ‘Time Is the Best Murderer’ wants to represent the common desire of many people: to be able to control the passing of time at will in order to satisfy their needs, goals and necessities. The young protagonist of the story will make the discovery of a powerful object capable of changing the passing of time…”.

Betrayed was born in 2007 and they come from Imola (BO). They released their first Ep “Mass Hypnosis” in 2013. This first work was characterized by heavy metal sounds and riffs. Over the following years many live shows and several line up changes followed. In 2018 the band starts writing the new album and only in 2020, within the new line up consolidation, the creative process is completed. During the writing process of the new album the the band finds its own identity and the musical influences of each single band member contribute to give life to an album that cannot be categorized: a hybrid and mix of death metal and thrash metal sounds. The band decides to go against the current standards of the music market, releasing a concept album whose lyrics are chronologically linked to each other. Moved by the desire to tell through a story the situation about the currently planet situation and, to pay homage to Alda Merini poetress, on 18th November they released the video of the first song: Purity, and on December 2021 they released the album “KASNA”. The title of this album, in Native American language, means “defeat/loss”. The protagonist of the narration is a forest which, for the first time, comes into contact with a human being. Although at first the coexistence between the two parts seems to proceed in harmony and peace, it will soon turn into a conflict for survival.


01. Intro
02. Purity
03. Time Is The Best Murderer
04. From Crawling To Fly
05. Wohali
06. A Cloth Made With Pain
07. Also the bear sleeps in the burrow
08. Kasna

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