Tassi (水树) – New album: Northland III (北之国三)

TASSI is a Post-Black / Blackgaze bard in the universe of heaven and man. Through this character created by Dryad (Bliss Illusion), we’re told about his esoteric and mystical journey to find his lover, Uni.

In the two first chapters, the story is based on the intriguing journey that the troubadour Tassi has experienced along his way to find his beloved one Uni.

He travels through various mysterious dimensions, witnessing the whole from the beginning to final perishing process of divinity.­
In this chapter III, the bard Tassi returned to his world from mysterious ancient books and woke up to find himself at the foot of Mount pulaka. He looked at the stars overhead and listened to the song of the sea breeze. He knew that all this was just a start. It was a long way to continue until he saw his Uni.­

  1. Star Palace
  2. Fog Of The Bleak Sea
  3. Equilibrium Reincarnation
  4. Fairy
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Merkabah
  7. Lake Of Fire
  8. Memoir Of Eerie Fantasies II
  9. The Adventures Of Ethernet
  10. The Voice Of The Luna Total Playtime: 60’06

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