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Carrying onward the spirit of exploration and breaking musical boundaries, WHITE WARD officially release their new album, “False Light“, via Debemur Morti Productions. Succeeding the two black-as-night long players “Futility Report” (2017) and “Love Exchange Failure” (2019), the Ukrainian band integrated new elements and soundscapes ranging from Alternativ Rock to Americana this time. Hence, “False Light” is not only their most ambitious, but also their most diverse work of Art.

Listen to the album via Bandcamp or on the label’s YouTube channel:

False Light” convinced editors of the Metal and Alternative press worldwide:

And although there is, undeniably, a lot to take in with this album […] WHITE WARD continue to demonstrate a gift for weaving all this outlandish excess together into something both extraordinarily coherent and emotionally rewarding.” (No Clean Singing)

The new album “False Light” is, once again, a great delight to the ears and should be noted on top of all shopping lists of post Black Metal listeners.” (

If the third album really is the so-called make it or break it moment, then WHITE WARD definitely managed to capture their place in the metal scene and to craft their very own musical expression. Highly recommended!” (Legacy Mag)

The album is available on CD (digipack & limited digibook), vinyl and digitally via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops. Different merch designs accompany the album as t-shirt (men/women) and hooded sweatshirt.


WHITE WARD, from Odessa, Ukraine performs intensely deviant music of a noir shade.

Formed in 2012 and taking root in raw depressive Black Metal, the band rapidly shed all boundaries, taking inspiration from an array of dark atmospheres including the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and I.M. Banks. The band’s excellent early recordings were compiled into the “Origins” compilation released in 2016.

First full-length “Futility Report” was released in 2017 by Debemur Morti Productions to instant critical acclaim. Exploring themes of borderline death states, aberrant afterlife worlds, and strange mental disorders, the WHITE WARD sound had evolved into a unique mix of Post-Black Metal, deeply emotive soundscapes and expansive dark-Jazz atmospheres utilising perfectly fitting saxophone motifs.

WHITE WARD continued to evolve in distinctive directions with 2019’s much-admired “Love Exchange Failure“: the dark-Jazz aesthetics more vibrant and deeper than before, the elements of blackened Death, Progressive and Black Metal – propelled by new drummer Noctum – now more furiously intense and complex. Lyrically the record explored more universal, less-abstract dimensions, diving into the abyss of the human psyche atop the band’s most lush and professional sound to date. 

In 2021, WHITE WARD composed and recorded two new songs to celebrate the 200th release of their label Debemur Morti Productions. A continuation of the band’s progressive Black Metal experimentalism, the new EP “Debemur Morti” features Lars Nedland (BORKNAGARSOLEFALD) on additional vocals.

Just one year later, in June 2022, the Ukrainian Black Metal innovators are prepared to unleash their third album, “False Light“, incorporating and intertwining various influences into a potent and dystopian mix. “False Light” is an indispensable record from a stunning band at the top of their game, skillfully giving form to urban angst and the writings of Mykhailo Kotsubinsky, a famous Ukrainian writer of the early 20th century.

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