EXIST IN RUIN drop video for new single ‘The Affliction’

EXIST IN RUIN_cover220621

‘The Affliction’ is from Exist in Ruin’s debut self-titled EP that was released June 10th 2022. Exist in Ruin is a symphonic death metal/melodic death metal inspired passion project founded by guitarist/songwriter Teren, a longtime Pacific Northwest denizen. Instrumentally, the main influences inspiring the sound of Exist in Ruin are Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth.​
Featured artists include stunning accompanying symphonic compositions from Jonah Weingarten (PyramazeCatalyst CrimeWe Are SentinelsStructure of Inhumanity), world-class Soprano, classical, and metal vocals from Jessy Christ (NZGLSyndro-syS), brutal vocals from César Moreira (EnbloodCult Burial, and Nephilim), virtuoso guitar solos from João Miguel (EnbloodNephilimStonesunAdamantine), and additional guitar solo shredding from top-notch session guitarist Konstantin RaydovskiSebastian Bracht, guitarist and vocalist (SophicideDahlian) also provides acapella metal choir vocals that makes the music soar to a whole new emotional level.​


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