SICKOMANIA Create Their Own Madness On The Self-Titled album

Danish thrash metal group sickOmania create a brand new metal band that plays a crossover of melodic thrash, death and classic heavy metal. Their self-titled album was produced, mixed and mastered by Arne Lunde at Unique Sound Image Factory. Leo Magrit from Pain Of Salvation helped out with the engineering of the drum recordings and also plays a drum solo on the instrumental, Beyond The Ninth Gate. Expect a frontal sharp-edged riff attack, in which magnificent melody meets brutal assault.


The band had this to say about the album cover; “Since the music of sickOmania is following an almost old-school and organic approach both musically and production wise, it was important to us that our cover had the same reflection. We decided to use David Troest, after seeing some of his amazing oil paintings, digital artwork and tattoos. So we got him involved in the idea of making an oil painting. We talked a bit about the lyrics and he heard the music. There is some despair in the face, with the blind eye. Is there a psychotic path the character is walking on? It is a fantastic cover that you can pull a lot out of.”

Track by track in the words of the band:
Asystoli – When the heart stops beating, we die. Asystoli of mankind is a kind of metaphorical expression of man’s finality, both ourselves individually, but also that we in flocks exterminate ourselves. That we act useful animals and soldiers, in the service of a larger cause, without even thinking about it.

Saint Psycho – Who is Saint Psycho? There is a double-edged sword in the conflicting title. We grow up with different ideas and attitudes to what is good and bad. Who is friend or foe. That thought may well roll around a bit, and take on new positions along the way in life. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be surprising at times.

Slumberland Prophets – In a world where everyone can go be a wiseman about the lives of others, the doomsday prophet has awakened in people sitting and hiding behind their computer screen.

Theater Of Memories – When things are perceived in black and white, it is easier to identify one’s enemy and build hatred, and hatred is an important catalyst if a war is to be started, justified and won. The question is also how much we have learned from history. A story we can shape ourselves, so that it fits into our own narrative in the theater of memories.

Psychotic Path – Is it them or me/us who are insane? When your own world collapses and crumbles and you at the same time question the “normal world” and its chaos, lies and deceptions.

Lost In Oblivion – It is about taking responsibility for one’s own life, and one’s own happiness. Many live large parts of their lives, based on what they think they should and what others expect of them. The job is to make yourself happy, because only if you can take responsibility for yourself can you be something for others. The day you are gone , it’s too late to change anything.

Beyond The Ninth Gate (instrumental) – A magical journey through the unknown beyond the ninth gate to hell.

Track listing:
01. Asystoli | 02. Saint Psycho | 03. Slumberland Prophets | 04. Theater Of Memories | 05. Psychotic Path | 06. Lost In Oblivion | 07. Beyond The Ninth Gate

sickOmania | Released June 21st, 2022 on Sliptrick Records


sickOmania are:
Fyrsten – Vocals | Arne Lunde – Guitar | Daniel Steely – Guitar | Jesper K Olsen – Bass | Lawrence Dinamarca – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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