Dutch death metal machine CARCERI release second album, From Source To End, through Brutal Mind

From the beginning an ending was decreed; our time was always finite and we were always destined to tumble into the flames at the end of the road. There will be no gentle descent into eternal sleep; we shall be impaled upon the spikes of folly, torn upon the racks of shame as our aeons of weakness and sin are weighed against our blackened, cowardly hearts. Save your beseeching tears and prepare for pain, for the termination in terror promised at our first breath…

Dutch death metal masters Carceri have seen the future and know that it is both bleak and black. With nihilistic new album From Source To End, their first release in more than a decade, they hammer the nails of destruction home with merciless, relentless power. Seething, monstrous tracks like ‘Eminent Demise’ leave no stone unturned, no sanctuary inviolate as they preach their gospel of devastation. Now fronted by renowned extreme metal vocalist Robbe Kok (DisavowedArsebreed etc) Carceri have delivered a veritable beast of classic death metal with From Source To End. Enticing, melodic guitar solos spiral upwards from the ironclad riffs and the panzer engine roar of the rhythm section, while barbed hooks sink deep allowing no escape from the magnificent war-torn tumult. By capturing the essence of death metal’s glory days and imbuing those sounds with a fresh ferocity Carceri have carved out a charismatic beast of an album whose claws will plunge into the rotten hearts of fans everywhere. The superb artwork created by Jon Zig (Defeated SanityDeeds Of Flesh etc) is like a banner, a call to arms, promising that might and mystery, death and desolation lie within.

​With production duties being handled by vocalist Robbe Kok (Officium TristeHouwitser etc) and drums being recorded by Dave Schinkel (AyreonEpica etc) From Source To End sounds both vibrant and venomous. This is one incredible return to action from Carceri and with Brutal Mind disseminating their darkness throughout the world this will undoubtedly prove to be their most successful campaign to date. Watch the horizon, because the death metal war machine is coming!

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