0N0 – Experimental Disso Death/Doom Trio Launch Unwavering Resonance Album Stream At Metal Injection


Experimental Death/Doom Metal trio 0N0 has partnered with Metal Injection to launch an early album stream of Unwavering Resonance. Set for release this Friday, June 24th via The House Of What You See. 

Metal Injection comments:
0N0 continue to make great, weird music. It can be difficult to put into words what this band turns out, so it’s best to just dive in and listen. Unwavering Resonance is an incredible album with a huge swath of sounds. Anyone into Cavernlight, , GodfleshGorgutsUlcerate, or Esoteric will find something to love on this album.”

Release Information
Bratislava, Slovakia-Based Industrial/Experimental Doom/Death Metal Trio 0N0 is excited to announce the upcoming release of their 3rd album, Unwavering Resonance. Recorded and mixed by the band, post-processing by Angakok Thoth (Mydriasis Studios), and mastered by Greg Chandler (Priory Recording Studios). Cover art for 0N0 – Unwavering Resonance was created by Viral Graphics. The album will be released on June 24th via The House Of What You See. It is the follow-up to the group’s two 2019 releases, Cloaked Climax Concealed (Transcending Obscurity Records) and a separate split effort release with German band Owl.

Active since 2005, 0N0 was created as a vessel among three experienced musicians with a singular ambition: “to sound different from the host of metal bands, both in terms of composition and production.” A lofty aim that the trio has consistently achieved across their lengthy discography, which to date, consists of two full-lengths, four EP’s, and one split release. 

Fast forward to 2022, and 0N0 is ready to unveil their finest effort yet, Unwavering Resonance. Which consists of four incredibly dense, mind-bogglingly dynamic, and sonically diverse songs clocking in at a total run time of just under forty minutes from start to finish. In line with the band’s well-established adventurous ethos, Unwavering Resonance conjoins and creates new musical ground from a mix of industrial and experimental tinged doom metal, a vast array of death metal and black metal influences, sludge, post-metal, and ties it all together with separate atmospheric and progressive tinged layers throughout the album. 

The end result of such a deconstructed approach to doom and industrial-inspired metal, equally rooted in death and black metal, is a sound that many have not ever heard before. The furthest thing from an imitation of someone else’s style, Unwavering Resonance is a work of forward-thinking metal that exists in its own fascinating and unique world.

On the thematic and lyrical front, Unwavering Resonance pairs its heady approach to hard-to-categorize metal music with larger-than-life concepts that are in themselves, a part of all our lives, settling on an abstract sensibility from which the ideas are grounded. Ranging from the evils humanity has wrought and our individual obsessions with pettiness as people on opener “Clay Weight”, to the ever-present concept of “perennial cosmic intercourse” on “Shattering”. The title track, “Unwavering Resonance” serves as “a collage born of old memories and their influences on us in the present”. Meanwhile, the album closer, “Wander the Vacant Twilight” dives into the birth of an atom and its “reincarnation” on many different metaphysical levels.

0N0 – Unwavering Resonance will appeal to fans of bands that have inspired the group which includes Industrial influence from Godflesh. Doom influence from Esoteric. Death Metal influences from Gorguts, Ulcerate.

As well as additional influences from the likes of Blut Aus Nord, Meshuggah, Deathspell Omega, Type O Negative, and Dead Can Dance

0N0 comments
“In simple terms, our previous album Reconstruction and Synthesis focused on themes of transcendence and mindscapes whereas Unwavering Resonance focuses on manifestation bound to existence.”

Pre-orders (including vinyl) are now live via Bandcamp

0N0 – Unwavering Resonance Tracklist

1. Clay Weight
2. Shattering
3. Unwavering Resonance
4. Wander the Vacant Twilight


0N0 is:
S – Vocals (Cresset)
A – Guitars, vocals (Amen Tma)
T – Guitars, vocals, programming (Neoblivion, Nonprolific)

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