CATHARTIC – Mexican Death Metal Band To Release New Album Through The Abysmal Gates Of Subconscious Via Awakening Records



Mexican death metal band CATHARTIC is living proof of the influence that Swedish death metal has on the scene. Releasing their debut album this summer, ‘THROUGH THE ABSYMAL GATES OF SUBCONCIOUS’, through Awakening Records, CARTHATIC are ready to show its brand of death metal to the world.
“Death is our true and only purpose while we are guided by suffering, sadness, triumph, hate, dogmas, doubts, and fear of the unknown with a nihilistic and pessimistic view of points,” the band states.
 Influenced by a range of bands such as BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, and SADISTIC INTENT, to DISMEMBER, the early work of AMORPHIS, CARNAGE and EDGE Of SANITY, the band’s style can be defined as a true return to the roots of death metal- with hints of melody and doom. As shown in their first EP ‘CEREMONIAL RESURECTION’ the band knows just when to be fast and catchy and when to include a slow, heavy intensity.
‘THROUGH THE ABSYMAL GATES OF SUBCONCIOUS’ was recorded by Jesús Bravo at Bravesound Studio, mastered by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg at the famous Sunlight Studios in Sweden and with cover artwork by Dan Seagrave- the album is set to be a must-listen for all death metal fans.



01 – Beyond Grief
02 – In the Pits of Anguish
03 – Vanish into Oblivion
04 – Gloomy Ways to Decay
05 – Carried by the Wings of Death
06 – Hateful Faith
07 – Path to Perdition
08 – From the Unknown
09 – Obliteration

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