ENSANGUINATE – Slovenian death metal troop premiere “Death Vernacular” via Toilet ov Hell; LP ‘Eldritch Anatomy’ comes early-Sept

PC: Simon Pelko

Ljubljana death metal legion Ensaguinate have unleashed “Death Vernacular,” the follow-up to the “Lowermost Baptisms” single, off the debut Eldritch Anatomy. The album will be released on digital, CD, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions on 02 September 2022 (Pre-Orders available RIGHT HERE).

Speaking of the track “Death Vernacular,” Ensanguinate offers:
“DEATH VERNACULAR is a freeze-frame of the longest moment at the end of every life, where words fail and rationale gives way to pure intuition and knowledge through oneness with death. It is the only point where de Saussure’s signifier is truly bypassed and no longer burdens the ego, allowing it to dissolve and fully meld with the signified: true Death.

“Mimicking this is ENSANGUINATE’s goal. It is both a paradox and ironic, to be sure, yet by staring into the abyss and immersing ourselves in death and tragedy through these songs – an additional layer to the lyrics for DEATH VERNACULAR – and pairing them with the proper keys during our live performances, we may at least glimpse our goal and eschew language for true intuition, if only briefly.

“Some seek the Devil through the ritualistic nature of art, others still will find Him at the end of a rope.”

The single “Death Vernacular” can be accessed on DSPs HERE.

Formed in 2020, Ensanguinate is Slovenia’s putrid entry into the death metal grimoire of old. Leaning heavily on the genre’s occult beginnings, the band stands out by distilling Possessed, Morbid Angel, and Grotesque into a searing death/thrash assault that deviates from today’s run-of-the-mill death metal.

Eldritch Anatomy, the debut album of Slovenian death metal upstarts Ensanguinate, promises to deliver a furious maelstrom of classic 80s extreme metal. Consisting of nine tracks that run the gamut from slow and brooding to fast-paced blasts of energy, “Eldritch Anatomy” has enough extreme underground metal pedigree to satisfy fans of Possessed, Morbid Angel, and Death as well as those who are accustomed to the sinister melodic edge of Watain and Dissection.

Bolstered by a hard-hitting production that marries power and definition to old school filth, as well as a striking front cover by Gorgoroth’s very own Atterigner, a.k.a. Khaos Diktator, Ensanguinate show they are out for blood and are poised to stand out by crafting catchy, powerful funeral hymns in the true death metal spirit of old.


Track Listing:
1. Hunted
2. Cadaver Synod
3. Ghoul Presence
4. Perdition’s Crown
5. Gaping Maws of Cerberus
6. Lowermost Baptisms
7. Sublimation
8. Death Vernacular
9. Vile Grace

Andrej Čuk – guitars, vocals
Jaka Črešnar – guitars
Miha Šinigoj – bass
Matjaž Winkler – drums

— Others —
Mixed and mastered by Andrej Čuk.
Band photography by Simon Pelko.
Insert photography by NecrosHorns.
Cover by Khaos Diktator.
Layout by Marko Krasnik.


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