DESPITE EXILE’s New Single “Scepter” Entices Listeners To Break Free From Power


Despite Exile, a six piece death metal band from northern Italy, have returned with their first new single and video since releasing “Venom” in 2020. “Scepter” is a dynamic and anthemic track with blood churning vocals and heartstopping blast beats that tackle an intricate lyrical subjec:

‘Scepter’ is a philosophical reflection on the nature of power, and on how to break free from the endless spiral of violence on which societies are built. Drawing from the works of Hobbes, Hegel and Foucault, it describes the growing disillusion of servants, who only entrust themselves in the hope of achieving a higher ideal. Only by detaching oneself from the mythology of power, by shattering the illusion that resides in a unique source and can be possessed, is it possible to stop this vicious cycle of hope and corruption.” – Jei Doublerice

The band was very deliberate in the crafting of “Scepter”, recounts their bassist Gio the Menace:

“‘Scepter’ is one of the tracks we’ve been working on the longest, dissecting it and reshaping it until it took its final form. I think it really conveys the two souls of Despite Exile, combining groove and rhythmical intensity with epic and emotion – all while offering a philosophical reflection on the nature of power.” 

The music video itself shines as it highlights every member’s painstaking performance. Lead singer Jei provides insight into the creative process, 

“We definitely had a lot of fun shooting this. We’ve been working with our art director to develop a common theme and mood for the music videos in order to highlight this contrast between hope and despair that runs through each song, but we still wanted it to be very allegorical and subtle; so for this one we’ve played with symbolism from ancient literature and engravings that depict power and its effects. “

Despite Exile delivers an elegant blend of rage and fury. Their sound is a mixture of death metal technicality, fast riffs with melodies, epic chants and raging vocals. After a two year break during which they renewed their line up, with the addition of a third guitar and finished writing their third album; they’re back with their first single “Scepter”. 

Despite Exile will be performing with As I Lay Dying, Lorna Shore and Ten56 August 17th. Find tickets HERE. Follow the band and stay up to date on upcoming releases HERE.

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