SHRAPNEL STORM – New material from the old school death metal bulldozer


Finnish old-school death metal outfit Shrapnel Storm is currently working on their third album.

Formed in 2007 and profiled as in the traces of Bolt Thrower, Obituary and Asphyx, their praised S/T release (2020) get a sequel. “Silo” -named album release date is set to early 2023. It will be released by French “Great Dane Records”, which specialized in death metal.

Now, as a preview for the album, the band has released a video single called “Cheyenne Mountain”:

Spotify link for the song:

Their previous S/T album is streamable at:

“We were supposed to make some shows after the latest record, but another Covid variant came and the world stopped again. After all the shit, we decided to grab our things together and start making new music. The final result is admirable. One could say it is the most ambitious and versatile Shrapnel Storm to this date.”


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