GOONLORD overthrows with razing video for Crushing single “Pariah”!

Uncompromising metal quintet GoonLord certifies its indisputable reputation as a truly destructive formation with the crushing “Pariah”! Based on pure aggression and attitude, delivered through the direct composition, which combines hard-hitting rhythm section, dominating guitar parts and biting vocal lines, all maintaining a constant level of intensity, “Pariah” radiates an incredible volume of sincere and genuine energy and powerful approach that are aiming to shed a light on the group’s frustration regarding the difficult life lessons that a person should endure throughout life in today’s society.

Speaking about the substance that forms “Pariah”, Wesley Lane of GoonLord describes: “The song is about trying your best and still getting nowhere. It’s about proving yourself despite all that’s been pushed in front of you; obstacles. The line “You only brought me here to make fun of me” is a line from the movie “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix. I used that line to convey the message that no matter how hard you’re pushing towards the top, there will always be people around who are trying to pull you back down.”

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