VOLUNTARY MORTIFICATION release Suffer To Rise, their pulverising debut of death metal/deathcore on Rottweiler Records

Driven by a desire to offer hope and support to others, Michigan’s Voluntary Mortification have arrived on the scene with a debut album of shocking power and impact. You’ll never mistake positive intentions for weakness again after hearing the unbridled roar of Suffer To Rise – an album that draws deeply from both classic death metal and contemporary, crushing deathcore. Judging by the breathtaking force of this, their first statement to the world, Voluntary Mortification plan to alleviate your worries by blowing your head clean off!

Suffer To Rise is marked by individual performances of absolute dedication and unquestionable intent. The musicians who make up Voluntary Mortification have grasped this opportunity to impress in both hands and they’re not wasting it. These songs impose themselves upon the listener, refusing to be ignored as they deliver colossal slamming riffs, one after another. Plaudits must also go to producer and engineer Josh Schroeder (Lorna ShoreGhost BathDagon etc) who has captured every ounce of the pulverising power inherent within tracks like ‘The Cull’, allowing them to detonate with maximum, stunning effect. Suffer To Rise is as lyrically ambitious as it is musically devastating. A concept piece, it tells the story of a wayward soul condemned to hell, the horrors endured in the inferno and the journey to ultimate redemption. Each step on this odyssey of struggle and salvation is a bruising, unforgettable listening experience.

Voluntary Mortification have joined forces with Rottweiler Records for the release of this opening chapter in their tale of musical destruction and on July 22nd Suffer To Rise will be unleashed – adorned in the evocative artwork of Mohammed Anam (EvocatorA Templar’s Burden etc), a window into the horrors of the pit. Open your ears to the sound of Voluntary Mortification and find your troubles blasted into dust!

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