Dutch Gothic-Rock band AFTER TASTE release single/video “FOLLOW ME”!

AFTER TASTE_cover220629
(“Follow Me” single cover artwork by Lisa Meester)

After Taste provides a mix of industrial, gothic and doom metal accompanied by dance, trip hop and ambient elements. With atmosphere as the governing element it creates a unique blend of different musical styles. Despite its melancholic and wistful aura it is ultimately dance music, forming an uneasy but captivating contrast.

Formed in 2016 by Dave Meester (God Dethroned) the band created it’s debut album “How To Fake Love” in a squatted office building in the south of the Netherlands. By now they already released four singles and official music videos, the latest one for the song “FOLLOW ME”!

Dave Meester comments: “Today is a very special day once again. If we could pick a song that represents After Taste the most, FOLLOW ME would be it. It’s a story about sadness and happiness. It’s a story about progression and regression. It’s a story about love and hate.We think you’re going to enjoy this one. Give it a spin and us your thoughts! See you in the comment sections!”

Follow Me is about the inevitable duality of life. The constant cycle of depression, acceptance, lift and regression. Almost like being guided on a predestined path.
Follow Me is about mental health and all its complications. The fact that we often push notable issues aside, only for them to re-emerge stronger and more prominent.
Follow Me is about the polarity of life. Opposites both attract and reject.
Follow Me is about going insane.
Follow Me is about me.
Follow Me is about you.
Follow Me.

Listen to “Follow Me” on Spotify HERE!

AFTER TASTE’s self-released debut album “How To Fake Love” is available as Digipack CD and digital album here:

“How To Fake Love” Tracklist (42:38):
Bleeding Dry (05:06)
Neutered (03:25)
Follow Me (04:40)
Seeder (04:10)
Siren (04:49)
Fake Love (03:49)
Warm Bodies (04:01)
Eye On The Prize (03:42)
Candlelight (05:08)
Free (03:45)

(Photo credit Mike van den Heuvel; l-r: Ian van Kastel, Dave Meester, Sid van Kastel, Johan Girard)

AFTER TASTE: Gothic doom rock with an electronic twist.

Dave Meester (God Dethroned) started the band in 2016. “I felt the need for a different kind of outlet than the one I already had with God Dethroned. I wanted to create something that was more personal and eclectic. I already knew Ian (drums), Johan (guitar) and Sid (bass). We studied together at Metal Factory / Dynamo in Eindhoven. We stayed in touch ever since, always involving each other in whatever (musical) project we had going.”

The writing process for “How To Fake Love”,After Taste’s debut album, took about six months. Back then Dave Meester spend a lot of his time in a squatted office building in the south of the Netherlands, that’s where the songwriting and most of the album recording happened. “We had plenty of space to make noise. Johan and Ian are both experienced sound engineers, so the recording and mixing process went very smoothly.”, states Meester. He further says: ’How To Fake Love’ is about – you guessed it – love. Love knows many forms, has ups and downs, and has a bright side and a dark side. After Taste loves exploring love’s dark side, as it’s full of creatures, weirdoes, demons and mirrors. In these mirrors is where we find ideas. Ideas that shape us as human beings. Ideas that spark a need for self-expression. ‘How To Fake Love’ is that self-expression.”

Drums were recorded by Michiel van den Boer at Soundhill Studios and the vocals were recorded by Kevin Quilligan. “How To Fake Love” is mixed and mastered by Johan Girard.

‘’Who says love is sacred? Anyone can fake it.’’

Dark music goes hand in hand with dark words. Romance and heartbreak are recurring themes. After Taste offers a view on the world’s most popular sources of inspiration. Mental health, family, soulmates, life and death… The story of love – warts and all – told by the haunting funeral voice of founding member Dave Meester.

The beautiful artwork for the yet released digital singles are made by Lisa Meester. “Lisa is my sister. I sent her the songs and asked her to create whatever she could come up with. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I didn’t give her any pointers at all. Turned out she did an awesome job! She created a piece for each song.” , comments Meester.

Dave Meester – Vocals/guitar
Johan Girard – Guitar/vocals
Sid van Kastel – Bass/vocals
Ian van Kastel – Drums


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