GRAVECRUSHER 1st single, cover art and tracklist revealed!


 Hungarian death metallers GRAVECRUSHER, return 8 years after their last release, with a new EP titled “Resurrection of Deathly Visions“, of which they advance the 1st song, as well as the cover art and tracklist. This new work will be released on August 23rd through Xtreem Music in CD and Digital formats.

GRAVECRUSHER formed in 2012, releasing a demo the same year and an EP titled “Morbid Black Oath” which was released by Xtreem Music. The band is currently made up of Disemboweler and Blasphemy, who have managed to continue with the essence of that catchy Death Metal and their old school sound from their first recordings. This new EP is the perfect continuation and the return of the band while they work on their first full length album.


Tracklist for “Resurrection of Deathly Visions” is as follows:

1. Catacomb of the Skulls
2. Deathly Visions of Mortals
3. Stench of Fog
4. Old Death Path

     Release date for “Resurrection of Deathly Visions” will be 6th of September 2022 through Xtreem Music on CD & Digital formats. You can visit GRAVECRUSHER‘s official site here: and listen to the 1st advance single on the following link:

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