CRISIX are successfully promoting Full HD at Summer festivals

Last Wednesday, 20 hours before Crisix’s performance at the Main stage of Hellfest, Javi Carry band’s drummer got sick with a high fever and covid positive. The band did a very hard last-second decision and left for Clisson without their drummer.

‘’On the way to the biggest show of the Crisix career, we started calling our friends, drummers. Job (Jean Baptiste Tronel) from French Tagada Jones/Fauxx and Chris Williams from Irish Gama Bomb responded immediately and offered help. Luckily both bands played Hellfest 2022 edition. Job has learned Leech Breeder and GMM in just a few hours and we never rehearsed with him. The first time we played together was live in front of waves of thousands of moshing fans. He ran to our stage immediately after finishing his show with Fauxx on Main Stage 1. With Chris, we met at our hotel on the night before the show. We picked up our guitars and bass from our van. No amps. Chris was air drumming. He learned World Needs Mosh and Ultra Thrash. Both, Job and Chris are real professionals. They did a great job that saved our show. We are grateful forever. I think this is a good example of how our scene works. You know the unity, friendships, and professional musicianship. Mosh is love! We are proud that we managed to pull it off, you can’t imagine the pressure! We were looking forward to this show for one year and are also very thankful to all the professional Hellfest crew and the massive crowd that responded so well and moshed with us from the first second to the last. We love you all!’’

Crisix join the ESP family

At this year’s Hellfest, Crisix got a special surprise. Crisix guitarists BB Plaza and Albert Requena became part of the ESP family. Both got nice new guitars that will be premiered at this year’s Rockfest Barcelona Main stage on July 1st.

BB Plaza: ’’We received the kindest welcome to the ESP family from USA A&R Tony and the French ESP representative Guillaume. With a handshake and the words ‘Wellcome to ESP family’, we became the first international Spanish ESP endorsee. We will have a bright future with ESP. I am sure about it. They know and understand the needs of touring artists and build great guitars. We are very excited to start this relationship. Requena got ESP LTD DeluxeEC 1000 vintage and I went home with ESP LTD Arrow NT Arctic metal SWS.’

After Barcelona Rockfest Crisix will play shows with Sepultura in Germany, Obscene Extreme festival, Devilstone in Litvania, and returning to Summer breeze in Germany and Spanish festivals Estaka, Castello, and Lanzarote fest on Canarian islands:

01.07 [🇪🇸] Barcelona Rock Fest
05.07 [🇩🇪] Lindau w/ Sepultura
14.07 [🇨🇿] Obscene Extreme Festival
15.07 [🇪🇸] Estaka Rock Fest
16.07 [🇱🇹] Devilstone
22.07 [🇪🇸] Festival Castelo Rock
20.08 [🇩🇪] Summer Breeze
03.09 [🇩🇪] Infernum meets Porkcore Fistevil
10.09 [🇩🇪] Hellseatic
24.09 [🇫🇷] Rising Fest Heavy Metal Show

Watch The Videos:
Crisix- Full HD track By Track sample promo HERE
Crisix- Speak Your Truth HERE
Crisix – W.N.M. United (feat. 10 guests from New Wave of Thrash Metal) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] HERE

Order Crisix ‘Full HD’ exclusive bundle and limited editions  HERE

Juli Bazooka: Vocals
Javi Carry: Drums
B.B. Plaza: Guitars
Albert Requena: Guitars
Pla Vinseiro : Bass

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