EXALTATION – New Zealand Dark Death Metal Horde Announce Immense Debut Album – Track Premiered At Toilet Ov Hell


We are honored to welcome into our family obscure New Zealand based death metal terrorscapers Exaltation, an elusive band emerged from the elite of their country’s extreme metal underground with debut album “Under Blind Reasoning”, a towering beast over five years in the making.

Leading up to the record’s long awaited release, the closing track from the monstrous album has been revealed by illustrious extreme metal blog Toilet Ov Hell (and in collaboration with the famed Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel) who in introducing the song “Divider of Redemption” has remarked how the track “is a monstrosity emerged from the abyss, part doom, part dissonance, all foreboding. It’s like Grave Miasma by way of Incantation, touching on the former’s blackened death mastery and the latter’s umbral delivery. It is dark, it is devastating, it is vile, and it is glorious“ – you can check out the feature and the track HERE.

After a long silence New Zealand bestial death metal horde Exaltation finally unveil their first proper full-length offering, “Under Blind Reasoning”, after a demo tape had surfaced back in 2017 amongst generalized obscurity. Indeed what we find on this debut offering is something distant from the lo-fi quality of the promising but under-produced demo, and sees the band tap instead into a realm of vehemence and aural destruction of unseen magnitude and terror. Feral, enveloping, monumental and sprawling in its unrelenting wrath, “Under Blind Reasoning” sees the obscure New Zealand death-bringers whip the sum of their influences (ImmolationMorbid AngelIncantationDeicideBlasphemy) into a coercive realm of shelshocking torment and rise from the depths of obscurity like a cataclysmic weapon of mass-destruction. The album’s dense and multidimensional recording quality (courtesy of engineers Raj Singarajah and Cam Sinclair along by mastering from Luke Finlay of Primal Mastering) has yielded a death metal beast of truly unsettling proportions. Every instrument and the utter violence with which it is wielded appears on full display, as the listener is helplessly left annihilated, blow after to blow, to witness the band’s tight, savage and merciless performance and technical proficiency literally maul down the fabric of reality piece by piece. These are death metal songs from a realm of perpetual darkness that bare a load of death and ruin of unprecedented traits. Songs of boundless terror and oblivion that evoke eons of darkness and an immanent and oppressive presage of complete inevitability as the music roars out of the speakers with ominous grimness and near-weaponized violence. All hail the realm of darkness and death conceived by Exaltation, one where the death metal craft is reborn as a feral ungovernable force to inflict merciless ruin unto this mortal plane and all that dares to attempt to exist within it.

“Under Blind Reasoning” is scheduled for global release on July 29 2022 via Sentient Ruin laboratories worldwide on CD, LP, MC, and digital formats, along with an exclusive limited edition long sleeve shirt.

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