Decibel Now Streaming THIRTEEN GOATS’ Debut Album “Servants of the Outer Dark”

Album Out July 1st, 2022

L-R – Rob Fitzgerald (Guitars, Vocals), Graham K. Miles (Vocals, Guitars), Mike Redston (Bass, Vocals)
Photo Credit – Caitlin Delaplace

“Servants of the Outer Dark” is the debut record by Vancouver death metal monsters Thirteen Goats. They invite you to join them on a sonic trip down the most twisted sections of extreme metal’s memory lane on a journey to wicked new horizons. According to the band, the album is a love letter to old-school Florida death metal and classic 80s thrash, with nods to everything from modern melodeath and tech death to groove metal and grindcore peppered in along the way. It’s also an attempt to take the best ideas from those genres and combine them in ways people haven’t heard before. The band explains further:

“These songs have given us an opportunity to take all the things that really excited us about the metal we grew up listening to—the music that strengthened, soothed, and sometimes saved us—and make those things our own. Our goal with this record is to take listeners back to where they were when they first fell in love with heavy music, but also remind them that plenty of new and exciting metal is still being made.”

“Servants of the Outer Dark” is nine tracks of blast beats, riffs, and catchy solos; thematically, they range from personal to political, and from serious to straight-up silly in places. However, the band hopes that between all of them, a multidimensional portrait is formed—a display of their musical abilities and ambitions, the things they have a sense of humour about, and the things they don’t (see the video for Return to Ruin, which takes aim at the way world leaders are handling everything from COVID-19 to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine). Above all, every idea that’s on this record is here because it made the band members’ hearts beat a bit faster and their blood pump a bit quicker. They hope to provide the same experience for everyone who gives the album a spin.

Thirteen Goats is a band whose musical chemistry and devotion to all things heavy eclipse their loyalty to specific genre conventions or themes; an outspoken group of self-professed “extreme metal geeks” who are unafraid to go anywhere or try anything in the pursuit of an iconic riff or unforgettable hook. They name classic death metal bands like Carcass and Deicide among their influences, but they’ve also been described as sounding like “Vulgar Display of Power-era Pantera in a cage match with Cannibal Corpse and Ministry.”

“Servants of the Outer Dark” is streaming on Decibel as of June 30 and will be officially released on July 1, 2022.

Listen to it in full at –​

Music Video – “Return To Ruin”–​

Lyric Video – “Unholy Mass” –​

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Track Listing:
1. Servant of the Outer Dark (5:48)
2. Challenge the Executioner (3:18)
3. Return to Ruin (4:11)
4. Prisoner’s Anthem (3:26)
5. Sub-Being (4:16)
6. Unholy Mass (4:41)
7. Constant Torment (3:30)
8. Vacuum-Induced Head Explosion (4:33)
9. Through the Meat Grinder… The Recipe (4:47)
Album Length: 38:34

Album Band Line Up:
Graham K. Miles – Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Rob Fitzgerald – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Mike Redston – Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Live Band Line Up:
Graham K. Miles – Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Rob Fitzgerald – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Bass – TBD
Drums – TBD

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