Body horror metal act CRONENBERG to release new EP UNMAKE WHAT THEY’VE MADE

Underground body horror metal act CRONENBERG are set to release its new EP UNMAKE WHAT THEY’VE MADE. The EP continues on with songs devoted to classic and contemporary body horror media filtered through the grime and slime of gore metal. The four tracks feature gurgled vocals, rusty chainsaw guitars, bowel churning bass, and skull-crushing drums, and one track even takes a brief exploration into dungeon synth.

Frontman GRANDMASTER FLUSH ruminates on the writing and recording process: “I basically just listened to a bunch of Macabre and tried to rip off as many of their riffs as possible. I then played them through Dismember’s guitar tone. Boom. There’s a thin line between homage and wholesale theft.”


1. Internal Metamorphosis
2. Unguided Mutation
3. Biomechatronic Invasion
4. Mask of the Assassin

The album will be available this Friday (08/07/2022) but you can listen to the track BIOMECHATRONIC INVASION right now on Bandcamp:


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